Wi-Fi and 4G Settings (Android)

Wi-Fi Connection Set-Up

If you do not have Wi-Fi please skip this step

  1. Turn on your Android terminal
  2. You will be prompted to configure Wi-Fi with “Configure Now?”
    Android Wi-fi configured screen
  3. Select ‘OK’ and the Wi-Fi setting screen will appear
  4. Select your preferred Wi-Fi network (avoid free shopping centre Wi-Fi)
  5. Enter the Wi-Fi password
  6. After you have signed in click the back arrow in the top left (as pictured)
    Screenshot of Android Wifi

  7. Allow the terminal to run its initialisation cycle
    (The home screen will appear when the initialisation is successful)

    Screenshot of Android Terminal Screen

4G Only Set-Up

If you wish to use 4G only on your terminal:

  1. Select cancel

  2. Tick ‘Dismiss forever, I will use Mobile Data.’
    Wi-Fi Set up Dismissed Screenshot

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