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Success Stories

Zero Cost EFTPOS rejuvenates spa with $10K savings.

Just as people care about their skin, so should businesses care about their payment solution. For Eclipse the Essential Spa, a recent change to Smartpay's Zero Cost EFTPOS solution rewarded the business with a $10K annual savings.
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Butcher trims fat on bank fees and saves $15k p.a.

Websters Gourmet Meat Kitchen is renowned locally for its prime cuts and delicious gourmet sausages. But one thing was leaving a bad taste in the mouths of the owners, Duncan and his wife, their EFTPOS. Until they switched to Zero Cost EFTPOS and are now saving $15k p.a!
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Auto mechanic franchise saves $30K switching EFTPOS providers.

When you lift the hood on your expenses, you never know what you will find. But uncovering $30,000 of savings in EFTPOS fees alone? That discovery left, Justin, the owner of two Midas car mechanic franchises, speechless.
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Drycleaner switches EFTPOS and removes $6K of bank fees

Warragul Drycleaners has always been happy to try something new to get a better result. So when their POS provider told them they could save thousands by switching their EFTPOS to Smartpay, it was a no brainer, says Jo.
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Zero Cost EFTPOS saves tyre company $7K p.a.

After paying thousands every year in bank fees, owner Marietjie of Tyrepower in Gunnedah and Tamworth finally decided enough was enough. "I simply could not continue to absorb the bank’s card transaction fees anymore.” Marietjie started exploring her options and quickly discovered Zero Cost EFTPOS from Smartpay.
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Covid switch saves beauty salon 12K p.a.

Changing your beauty regime can take years off your appearance. And, changing your payments solution? That can take thousands off your expenses. For this beauty salon, the crunch time for change came with the arrival of Covid.
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Mechanic saves $10K with payments tune-up

Mechanics make a living out of diagnosing problems and fixing them. So when Mark, the owner of S&A Electronic Tuning Service, saw his bank’s EFTPOS fees eating into his profits, he decided to sort it out. He switched to Zero Cost Eftpos from Smartpay and started saving $800 every month.
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Bakery saves a sweet $17K in EFTPOS fees

Pastries and bread should rise in a bakery, not bank EFTPOS fees. And that’s exactly why Mark, the owner for Ferguson Plarre Bakehouse franchise at Taylors Lake, found himself hunting for a new EFTPOS solution that would suit a busy franchise business that needed to operate on tight margins. What he needed was a solution that would save him time and money, was easy to set up, and one that would also keep his customers happy.
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Smartpay EFTPOS pick of the bunch for local grocer

‘Thinking small’ is saving Valley Fruit Market and Grocer Wamberal a massive $12,000 p.a. in EFTPOS fees. In line with the grocer's philosophy of supporting local business, Adrian decided to go with Smartpay for an EFTPOS solution. It's a decision he's never regretted.
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