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Smartpay EFTPOS Machine

Make Payments Easy With Our Versatile & Reliable EFTPOS Terminal

All-in-One EFTPOS Machines Designed For Any Business

Don’t overcomplicate your business processes with multiple payment systems. Compact countertop solution or portable and unplugged, our all-in-one EFTPOS machine does it all. Easy to set up and pairable with multiple POS providers, the payment terminal seamlessly fits into your business processes with no disruption. 

D210E eftpos machine

Smartpay EFTPOS Machine Features

Tipping Functionality

Optimise your payment processes to benefit your business

Portable EFTPOS Machine

Smartpay mobile EFTPOS stays connected with an 8-hour battery life. Our standalone EFTPOS machine can keep up during peak business hours.

Standalone EFTPOS Machine

Our small and compact EFTPOS terminals weigh just 360 grams (including the battery), making them the ideal terminal for any countertop.

Automated Surcharging

Stop paying merchant fees with Zero Cost™ EFTPOS

Flexible Connectivity

Never miss a sale due to connection issues. Smartpay EFTPOS machines easily switch between Wi-FI, 4G or broadband when needed.

Built-In Receipt Printer

All Smartpay EFTPOS machines have built-in printers, or you can turn receipts off to save on paper rolls.

Why Smartpay?

With no hidden fees or lock-in contracts, Smartpay works for your business needs.

Easy to Set Up

Plug in and play! Once you receive your terminal, simply switch it on to start transacting. Setting up your EFTPOS machine is stress-free and takes just minutes.

Next Day Settlement

Getting paid has never been easier with next-day settlement in your nominated bank account. No need to switch your business bank account.

Secure Payments

All payments processed through Smartpay EFTPOS are securely encrypted to protect you and your customers.

24/7 Support

Our customer service team is here for you and your business, 24/7, 365 days.

Accept all the popular payment methods

Process all major debit and credit cards – Visa, MasterCard, EFTPOS. Add American Express˜ and even China’s most widely used QR mobile payment methods Alipay and WeChat Pay. Accept contactless payment methods from cards, smartphones or other smart devices.

visa icon
eftpos icon
mastercard icon
american express icon
alipay icon
wechatpay icon

In all the popular ways

samsung pay icon
apple pay icon
google pay icon

Flexible Payments with Smartpay EFTPOS Terminals

Smartpay EFTPOS machines let customers pay how they want. Our card machine is flexible for all EFTPOS transactions, whether it be with chip cards or contactless.

Contactless Card Payments

Smartpay machines make contactless payment easy, accepting Mastercard Tap & Go and Visa payWave.

Contactless Device Payments

Smartpay terminals accept payments from smartphone and watch devices, including Apple Pay, Google Pay, Samsung Pay or Android Pay.

Credit Card Payments

Our card reader accepts all major credit and debit cards, including Mastercard or Visa, and the option to add on American Express.

Chinese Payments

Capture more sales from Chinese customers by accepting their preferred payment methods Alipay and WeChat Pay.

smartpay eftpos machine

Save on Merchant Service Fees with Smartpay EFTPOS Machines

Our EFTPOS solutions are designed to help your business save on EFTPOS fees, or receive a predictable bill. 

Choose the best EFTPOS plan for your business.

Zero Cost™ EFTPOS

Never pay EFTPOS fees again when you switch to Smartpay. Our Zero Cost™ solution lets you take payments without worrying about transaction fees. Zero Cost™ EFTPOS is the way to eliminate your business' EFTPOS fees.

Simple Flat Rate

Transparent and simple pricing, with a Simple Flat Rate for all Visa and Mastercard transactions.

Smartpay EFTPOS Hardware

  1. In-built high speed Thermal Printer (lift flap to change paper roll)
  2. Paper Cutter
  3. Contactless NFC Reader for accepting Apple Pay, Google Pay and Android Pay
  4. Printer Cover Lift Grip
  5. 70mm LCD Colour Touchscreen
  6. Card Swipe Reader
  7. Power Charging Port
  8. Menu Key – easy-to-understand icons and transaction flow.  Back lit keys
  9. Cancel Key (Power On/Off)
  10. Clear Key
  11. Enter Key
  12. Card Chip Reader
  • The latest security measures and automatic software updates. PCI PTS 4 x certified hardware.
  • Transportable compact size at 56mm (H) x 80mm (W) x 162.5mm (L) 
  • Weighs just 360g including the battery
diagram of D210 terminal

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