Receipt Options (Android)

Reprint Receipt:
Tap on the ‘3-line/Hamburger’ ☰ icon to see menu options. Select ‘Reprint Receipt’.

Change Print Receipt Options:

  1. Tap on the ‘3-line/Hamburger’ ☰ icon to see menu options.
  2. Tap on ‘Merchant Menu’ to display Merchant related functions
  3. Tap on ‘Custom Settings’
    Android Merchant Menu Screenshot
  4. Turn on options by swiping the toggle switch to the right 
    • Print Admin (Settlements will display on screen)
    • Print Merchant (Merchant copy)
    • Print Customer (Receipt auto prints)
    • Prompt Customer (ask if you would like to print)

‘Prompt Customer’ for a receipt is set to timeout in 6 seconds by default. Tap the time to re-select your preferred timeout.

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