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Portable EFTPOS Machine

Give your customers the choice to pay wherever and however they want with our portable EFTPOS machine. Reduce your transaction costs, and seamlessly accept card payments.

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Discover the Smartpay Portable EFTPOS Machine

Save on EFTPOS Fees: Up to $6,800 Per Annum*

Smartpay merchants are saving $6,800* per year on transaction fees. Keep more of your hard-earned money in your pocket, or re-invest into your business. What could your business do with your EFTPOS savings? We can also help you save with our Simple Flat Rate solution if you’re looking to absorb merchant fees. *Based on internal Smartpay data, November 2022.

Keep Your Card Payments Moving

Our mobile EFTPOS machine gives your customers the flexibility to pay in the easiest way possible. Accept card and contactless payments at the counter, at the customer’s table, or on the move.

Keep Customer’s Happy with Payment Flexibility

Accept all the popular payment methods, including Visa, Mastercard, EFTPOS Debit, American Express & more. Enjoy speedy mobile payments from cards, phones and wearable devices, including Apple Pay, Google Pay and Samsung Pay.

Easy to Set Up

No technician needed to get set-up. Simply unbox your mobile card machine, switch it on, and start accepting card payments. It’s as easy as that! If you need help, call our friendly 24/7 customer support on 1800 433 876.

Our Mobile EFTPOS Machine Features

Seamless Transactions

Accept credit card payments and contactless payments at the counter, at a table or on the move. Each mobile EFTPOS machine comes with a portable 4G modem, so you can keep taking card payments.

Easy to Carry, Simple to Use

Coming in at 360 grams, including the battery and built-in receipt printer, the D210E lightweight portable EFTPOS machine increases ease of movement during business operations, helping you deliver your quality goods or services faster.

Power Through Your Day

With a long battery life of 8 hours, keep payments flowing once you go portable. All Smartpay terminals come with a charging dock, so you can keep your terminals.

Always Stay Connected

Our EFTPOS terminal can connect via a free 4G modem (provided by Smartpay), Wi-Fi, broadband or even a mobile hotspot. With thousands of merchants based across Australia, from major cities to country towns, our connectivity options will keep your payments flowing.

Point of Sale Integration

You can integrate your new EFTPOS machine with several integrated POS partners to save time during checkout. Our mobile EFTPOS terminal also grants enhanced insights into your business’s cash flow, credit card payments, and possible inefficiencies by ensuring your payments and POS system work together seamlessly.

Safety & Security Features

As EFTPOS specialists, we’re experts at keeping payments safe and secure. All payments processed through your Smartpay EFTPOS terminal are securely encrypted to protect you and your customers. Our terminals are regularly updated with the latest security features.

smartpay eftpos machine

Our Portable EFTPOS Machine Solutions

Completely eliminate your EFTPOS bill with Zero Cost™ EFTPOS, and enjoy no monthly fees. Want to absorb merchant fees? Get no nasty surprises with Simple Flat Rate. It’s your choice with Smartpay.

Zero Cost™ EFTPOS: Portable EFTPOS Solution

The average Smartpay merchant is saving $6,800* per year on transaction fees. By having your customers pay a small surcharge, you could be saving thousands of dollars every year. Keep more of your hard-earned money in your pocket, or re-invest into your business. What will you do with your EFTPOS savings? - No EFTPOS bill or direct debit - Automated surcharging - no guesswork required! - No terminal rental if you transact more than $10,000 per month - No lock-in contracts or hidden costs

How Mobile EFTPOS Improves Your Business

From retailers to restaurants, our portable EFTPOS machine makes card payments easy in any business.

Elevates Customer Experience

With convenient payment types, including Apple Pay, Google Pay, Samsung Pay and QR Payments, your customers will enjoy a flexible payment experience at your small business.

Boosts Business Efficiency

A portable EFTPOS machine can help your business accept card payments on-the-go, so your customers can pay where they want, when they want. Print customer receipts on the move with our built-in receipt printer or switch receipts off.

Intuitive By Design

An easy-to-use credit card machine, our portable EFTPOS machine will keep your business accepting payments seamlessly. No training needed for you or your staff.

Enables On-the-Go Business

Our EFTPOS terminals are suitable for any on-the-go business, keeping payments flowing while you're on the move. Every Smartpay EFTPOS merchant receives a dedicated 4G modem with their payment terminal, providing you with a reliable connection.

Hear How Smartpay Portable EFTPOS Solutions Help Businesses Save

As the original Zero Cost™ EFTPOS solution provider, we’ve worked with Aussie merchants for more than a decade, helping them save on merchant service fees and terminal rental.

Trusted by 30,000 Businesses Like Yours

Our customers are saving thousands of dollars a year by zeroing out their EFTPOS fees.

Easy setup process. Better rates than our bank which we are customers of over 10 years.

Matt H - Wodonga, VIC

Trades Services

I’m extremely happy… probably one of the best decisions I’ve made this year was to move across to Smartpay.

Aaron R - Darwin, NT

Leather goods retailer

Thank you to the Smartpay staff who worked hard to get an urgent terminal on time!

Ben H - Sydney, NSW

Education charity

Choose the Leading Portable EFTPOS Solution

Simple Pricing, No Hidden Fees

We offer a Zero Cost™ EFTPOS solution to Australian small businesses transacting more than $10,000 per month on card transactions - meaning no monthly fee or direct debit. If you're looking to absorb transaction fees in your business, learn more about our Simple Flat Rate solution.

24/7 Customer Support

Enjoy around the clock local phone support, 365 days a year. Looking for quick troubleshooting tips? Visit our online Help Centre, otherwise call us on 1800 433 876 to connect with an Aussie or Kiwi EFTPOS specialist.

Trusted Provider in the Australian Market

When you choose Smartpay as your EFTPOS partner, you're choosing one of Australia’s largest independent EFTPOS machine providers. We’re a team of EFTPOS specialists based in Australia and New Zealand, here to help you seamlessly facilitate card payments.

How to Get a Mobile EFTPOS Machine

Accepting card payments with a Smartpay EFTPOS machine is as easy as 1, 2, 3!

Step 1:

Complete a quick application over the phone, by getting in touch with a Payment Specialist.

Step 2:

We’ll dispatch your mobile EFTPOS machine, which will arrive at your door within a week.

Step 3:

That’s it! Switch on your terminal, and you’re ready to start taking card payments.

smartpay eftpos machine

Elevate Your Business with Smartpay's Portable EFTPOS Machine Today

Speedy application process

No lock-in contracts

No transaction fees with Zero Cost™ EFTPOS

No monthly rental fees*

Local support 24/7, 365 days a year

*If your business is transacting more than $10,000 per month on card transactions

FAQs: Your Questions About Mobile EFTPOS Answered

A mobile EFTPOS machine can accept credit or debit card payments and take payments from mobile wallets anywhere in your business. Its rechargeable battery means payments can be taken directly from customers wherever they are most comfortable; no more waiting for them to come to you.

You can use your EFTPOS terminal on the countertop or on-the-go by switching between broadband, WiFi or the 4G network, powered by a free 4G Modem. Additionally, you can integrate Smartpay’s portable EFTPOS machine with a number of point of sale systems, allowing you to accept and process mobile or card payments instantly.

Portable card machines, more commonly known as EFTPOS machines, are physical devices to help businesses facilitate card payments. They are used at the point of sale to seamlessly collect card payments from customers, and is the new norm for both small and big business.

The Smartpay mobile EFTPOS machine is an easy-to-use payment terminal. Simply enter the transaction amount on the terminal, click OK, and your customers can pay in several ways. Most commonly, your customers will choose to pay by contactless payment, from a number of devices – whether it’s a phone, watch or wearable device. All payments are securely encrypted.

The battery requires you to charge your EFTPOS machine after approximately 8 hours of portable use. If you need to continue taking payments during this time, you can take payments while your terminal is charging. Every Smartpay EFTPOS machine comes with a charging station.

Every card machine from Smartpay has the ability to process contactless payments for all devices and cards capable of doing so, including Apple Pay, Google Pay and Samsung Pay.

No, Smartpay EFTPOS machines are standalone devices, meaning you process all transactions via the EFTPOS terminal itself.

Get advice from a payments specialist today!

Every month our payment specialists help hundreds of businesses in all sorts of industries to get the right payment solution. Talk to us about your business today.