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No Nasty Surprises with the Simple Flat Rate Plan

Make life easy with on flat rate for Mastercard, Visa transactions

No surprises. No stress.

Get Simple Flat Rate and enjoy one flat fee for all Visa, Mastercard, Alipay and WeChat Pay transactions. When you open your monthly statement, you know what to expect.

Simple flat merchant fees

Pay the same flat rate for each transaction, no matter how your customer pays.

No Lock-in Contract

You need flexibility and certainty, which is why there is no minimum term and no annual fees^.

Speedy 24/7 support

Need help with your EFTPOS at 2am? Our experts are here for you 24/7.

Get Paid Fast

Prompt payment to your chosen bank account.

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How Simple Flat Rate works

You’ll get a tailored industry rate for every Mastercard, Visa, Alipay and WeChat Pay transaction. That means whether a customer turns up with a basic no frills card, or a platinum frequent flyer card, you’ll pay the same percentage. Tailoring for your industry means we can give you a more competitive rate because we’re not just lumping you in with businesses that have the same turnover as you but totally different clientele.

And if you have a great month and sales are up, the same flat rate applies. You won’t be charged penalty rates for extra turnover like you might be on a bank bundle. For customers using cheque or savings, you’ll just pay a low fixed charge.

Say goodbye to grappling with interchange or scheme fees that differ for every card, or trying to decipher confusing statements. You’ll know exactly what to expect when your bill arrives at the end of the month.

How much could you save with Simple Flat Rate EFTPOS?

Betty’s Beauty is a Day Spa that averages a turnover of $20K a month. But around Christmas, Valentine’s Day and Mother’s Day, that can jump to around $30k per month.

When comparing her current bundled offer from her bank, Betty realises she could save hundreds of dollars a year by switching to Smartpay’s simple flat rate solution tailored for Day Spas.

Monthly Costs
Simple Flat Rate
Transaction fees
Annual saving of over $500!*

* This is an example of annual savings that Simple Flat Rate could provide

Not sure a flat rate is for you?

Never pay EFTPOS fees again with our Zero Cost EFTPOS plan.

How much could you save with Zero Cost EFTPOS?

Our customers are saving thousands of dollars a year by zeroing out their EFTPOS fees.

Easy setup process. Better rates than our bank which we are customers of over 10 years.

Matt H - Wodonga, VIC

Trades Services

I’m extremely happy… probably one of the best decisions I’ve made this year was to move across to Smartpay.

Aaron R - Darwin, NT

Leather goods retailer

Thank you to the Smartpay staff who worked hard to get an urgent terminal on time!

Ben H - Sydney, NSW

Education charity

Simple Flat Rate FAQs

Most banks and other EFTPOS providers charge you fees based on the type of card your customer pays with (international cards and premium cards cost you more!). Rather than paying different rates for different cards, with a simple flat rate you pay one rate for all – Visa, Mastercard and EFTPOS – transactions. This means you’ll always know what you’ll pay each month.

EFTPOS, Debit, Visa and Mastercard cards are included. AMEX can be added to your terminal but isn’t included in the flat rate.

It’s a fixed percentage for all credit and debit card transactions and a fixed cent rate for EFTPOS.

Ready to say goodbye to EFTPOS bills?
Order Zero Cost EFTPOS today.

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