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Credit Card Reader

The one device for any and all card payments, portable and secure for your use.

The Best Credit Card Reader for Your Small Business

If you want to accept payments from any card your customer may bring to your business , our smart and flexible EFTPOS terminal is the best payment solution for any business. Whether on your countertop or taken to your customer’s table, easily process chip or contactless payments to make your service faster than ever.

D210E eftpos machine

Mobile credit card reader

No more waiting for customers to come to you, with this portable device you can bring the payment to them.

Long battery life

With approximately 8 hours of life per recharge, the powerful battery of our device packs a full day of processing payments.

Accepts all popular credit cards

ccept payments from any major credit cards, including contactless Apple Pay & Google Pay.

Durable terminals

Card readers made to last in any bustling business environment; from the rush of a restaurant to the poise of retail.

Easy to use

No confusing instruction manuals included. Our card reader offers a fast setup; all you need to do is switch on to start processing payments.

Secure payments

Includes the latest security measures and automatic free software updates, keeping your transactions secure.

How to Use Smartpay Credit Card Terminal

Smartpay’s EFTPOS machine allows credit card processing without incurring costly fees for merchant services. Depending on your chosen service, you can process payments from contactless devices or chip without being hit by transaction fees.

The terminal also includes a variety of features that can make it easier for customers to connect with your business. These are free add-on features that you can pick and choose from to suit your business, including important features like tipping and refunds.

Save on Credit Card Merchant Fees with Zero Cost™ EFTPOS

With Smartpay’s mobile credit card reader, you can eliminate the load your bank charges for processing transactions. Our Zero Cost™ EFTPOS solution eliminates transaction costs for your business, passing them onto the customer.

Person tapping card on Smartpay terminal

Tipping Functionality

Any payment comes with the option for customers to add a tip for card and contactless payments. In this era of declining cash payments, your business can still receive tips for your excellent service.

Connect with Your Credit Card Reader with a Preferred POS System

By partnering up with some of Australia’s best point of sale (POS) providers, our mobile credit card readers can integrate with the sales device of your choice.


Smartpay’s EFTPOS terminal can accept chip cards, contactless cards, and mobile wallets like Apple pay or Samsung pay. The card reader communicates in an encrypted language to the card through chip or contactless.

When you use Smartpay, you will find the funds from all card transactions settled to your chosen bank for processing the next business day.

With your choice of adding various free features to your credit card reader, you only need one of our mobile card readers to do anything a business requires for payments. No more multiple readers and devices cluttering your countertop. With our machine, you can print receipts directly from the EFTPOS machine or choose to turn them off and save paper.

You get to choose how to connect, with options including a secure, dedicated payments network powered by a free 4G modem issued by us. Or, you can connect via your own Wi-Fi or broadband. Both contactless and chip payments can be performed on any of these networks. 

Smartpay customers can order paper rolls, with a fixed-fee delivery charge included in the cost. Fees will be direct debited from your nominated bank accuont the following day the paper rolls have been dispatched.

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