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EFTPOS Machine for Small Business

Join thousands of small businesses saving thousands with our EFTPOS solutions.

The Best EFTPOS Machine for Your Small Business

Smartpay is here to help your small business. Our EFTPOS machine provides a variety of features to help you save on costly transaction fees, while making payments seamless for your customers. By ensuring that our EFTPOS terminal can accept card payments from all major companies, as well as from mobile wallets like Apple Pay or Google Pay, you can cater to any customer payment method. Smartpay EFTPOS machines are also a mobile card reader, meaning that you can accept payments wherever you want, including at the customer’s table or on their way out the door.

D210E eftpos machine

Contactless Payments

Our EFTPOS terminal allows customers a choice between mobile or card payments to perform contactless transactions, including Apple Pay & Google Pay.

Point of Sale Integrations

No need for a new point of sale (POS) system as our EFTPOS machine can be integrated with a number of POS providers for faster checkout times.

Mobile EFTPOS Terminals

Pay at the counter, around an event, or at the customer's table with our mobile EFTPOS machines and their broadband, Wi-Fi or 4G connection.

Chinese Payments

We accept Chinese payments including Alipay and WeChat pay for your international customer base.

Automated Surcharging

Our Zero Cost™ EFTPOS solution surcharges automatically, so no need for guesswork.

Save on Merchant Fees

Reduce or eliminate merchant services fees through our Zero Cost™ EFTPOS or Simple Flat Rate solutions.

No Matter Your Industry, Smartpay EFTPOS Machines Can Help

Smartpay’s EFTPOS machines have helped businesses save or eliminate their EFTPOS bills across multiple industries.


Restaurants, cafes and bars have found success in utilising the Zero Cost™ EFTPOS solution offered with our EFTPOS machines. Transactions have also never been faster or easier with our accepted range of card and digital wallet payments.

Hair and Beauty

Process payments in your salon with a portable EFTPOS machine suitable for the hair and beauty industry. Spend more time growing your hair or beauty salon, knowing that your EFTPOS fees won’t grow as your client base does.

Food Services

From butchers to bakers and businesses in between, we’ve got an EFTPOS solution perfect for your business. No ongoing terminal rental or merchant services fee means less time focused on managing cash flow and more time on the quality of your produce.


There is no need to wait for an invoice with our mobile card reader. With Smartpay, our portable EFTPOS machine can make your card payments anywhere in your shop. The durability of our EFTPOS machine also means that it can handle even the toughest environment, making processing payments in your auto business a breeze.

smartpay eftpos machine

Smartpay EFTPOS Solutions for Small Business

Looking to eliminate or reduce your business’ monthly EFTPOS fees? Smartpay offers solutions to the transaction and processing fees that many EFTPOS terminals incur, helping you save money that can be better spent investing in your business.

Zero Cost™ EFTPOS

A “fee-free” EFTPOS machine is no longer a myth with our Zero Cost™ EFTPOS solution. By applying an automatically calculated surcharge to card and contactless payments, you can remove the usual costs that come with EFTPOS, including terminal rental! No longer will there be monthly rental fees or merchant fees to pay.

Simple Flat Rate

If you want to reduce your monthly EFTPOS bill, you can opt for the Simple Flat Rate solution. This way, regardless of the cost or means of paying for a transaction, you pay the same flat fee. No more will an expensive EFTPOS bill surprise you.

Discover why 30,000 merchants choose Smartpay for EFTPOS

24/7 Support

Mishaps occur at any time, but our 24/7 support means that an expert will always be there to help with your EFTPOS machine.

Transparent Pricing

All costs stated upfront, meaning no hidden costs or fees.

No Lock-In Contracts

We understand small business EFTPOS needs flexibility, which is why we do not have a minimum term or annual fees on your EFTPOS machine.

Latest Payment Innovations

Our payment solutions encompass the latest innovations in mobile payments, including Chinese mobile payments Alipay and WeChat pay.

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