How To Perform A MOTO Purchase

To place a MOTO transaction via your Smartpay Android terminal, you need to make sure you have MOTO enabled on your terminal. Then, follow the steps below: 

  1. Select Transaction Type ‘PURCHASE’.
  1. Enter the purchase amount.
  2. Select ‘MOTO’
  3. Select the MOTO type. Note: This must be selected as it’s mandatory. If you try to dismiss it with “Continue” without selecting the MOTO type (or by dragging down the prompt), the prompt will show up again until you select the MOTO type.

  4. Enter the card number, card expiry and CVC/CVV (3-digit security number on the back of the card). Note: When filling in these values you will be informed of invalid values such as the card number length is wrong, the entered CVC/CVV is of invalid length, card expiry is an invalid date, etc.
  5. Select ‘CONTINUE’. Note: If no CVC/CVV is entered, you will be prompted to select a reason why.
  6. The MOTO transaction may be declined if the card has insufficient funds, is not allowed to transact, etc.
  7. If the card is accepted, the terminal will prompt ‘Signature Required, Please sign the receipt’.
    Screenshot of terminal screen Signature prompt
  8. Select ‘OK’.
  9. The terminal will prompt ‘Check Signature on Card. Signature OK?’.
    i) if you select ‘YES’, the terminal will display ‘ACCEPTED’.
    ii) if you select ‘NO’, the terminal will display ‘DECLINED’.

    Screenshot of terminal screen check signature prompt
  10. A receipt may be auto-printed (subject to receipt print/prompt settings on your terminal) or manually printed.
  11. The terminal will return to the home screen where the next transaction can be performed.

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