A Change In EFTPOS Provider And New Terminal Makes For A Stylish Hair Salon

Hair To Toe

When Hair To Toe salon owner Rosa realised her EFTPOS fees with the bank were worse than a lousy hairdo, she knew she had to make some changes.

EFTPOS fees taking away business confidence

When Rosa opened her hair salon 23 years ago in Drummoyne, NSW, she thought the most convenient way to process EFTPOS payments was with a bank provider. However, with business costs rising, Rosa started growing sick of paying the monthly EFTPOS fees and the lack of support from her bank. 

That is when she discovered Smartpay Zero Cost™ EFTPOS. At first, Rosa was concerned that switching would be complicated, but she was reassured that Smartpay would ensure a seamless process, so it became a no-brainer for her.

“When Smartpay came knocking at my door, I asked if changing over was complicated for me. No, they would do it all themselves. I didn’t have to do much at all, which was encouraging.”

“I kept my business bank but changed my EFTPOS machine, and the process was very easy.”

Help is only a phone call away

Aside from the vast range of services Hair To Toe provides, the salon's success is undeniably due to its customer service. So, when it came to an EFTPOS provider, Rosa was looking for a provider that cared for small businesses like hers. 

“I love that Smartpay is available 24/7 without any issues. I love that I have a payment provider who specialises just in payments and is easy to do business with.”

“And if I ever have a problem, I ring straight away and Smartpay is telling me how to fix it. We love customer service here and I get the same service with Smartpay.”

"I sought to change my EFTPOS provider as I was sick of paying the monthly fees. Plus, the service was not great with the bank."
Hair To Toe

Investing in savings that matters most

The savings Rosa received from switching to Smartpay have given her more confidence in her small business. She is using those savings to invest back into her business, her employees, and her salon and to improve services for her customers.

“Even though it is just a small fee for the customer, it has given me more encouragement for my business. I have more cash flow. With the savings, I plan to freshen up my basin area, which is great for my customers, my service, and my business.”

“The money I save, I can put towards my staff. I can do beautiful window displays and cover overhead costs.”

A beautiful Android terminal for an equally beautiful business

Hair To Toe recently received Smartpay's Android terminal, our new and improved EFTPOS machine, with our new look branding. The new terminal helps Rosa and her two staff members, Alex and Letitia, take seamless payments from the hair salon chair.

“I love the new Smartpay Android device. It’s portable, sleek, and we love the touch screen.”

“It’s easy to go over to clients and take the payments while they’re still seated. If they’re in a rush to get out or a little bit less mobile, they don’t have to come over to the desk itself. We love the new Smartpay device; it’s easy to use and takes seamless transactions”, Letitia says.

“Thanks to Smartpay, I am now saving on fees, and I wish I’d switched sooner.”

Hand holding phone tapping Android terminal surrounded by cafe items

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