How to Stop EFTPOS Machine Printing Receipts

Turning off & printing receipts

There are three options when it comes to printing receipts:

1. Dual Copy (prints two receipts)

2. Single Copy (prints one receipt)

3. No copy (turns off receipts)

To adjust, select:

1. Press Menu

2. Press 7 Miscellaneous

3. Press 3 Printer Options

4. Press 1 Receipt Options

5. Press CHANGE to choose any to the options above

6. Press ACCEPT once selected

7. Press CANCEL to return to the main screen

If you select “No Copy” and a customer requires a receipt, you can print a receipt for the last transaction, by:

1. Press Menu

2. Press 1 REPRINT


Please note the option to reprint is only available for the last transaction performed.

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