How to Void a Transaction

When your customer is making a payment, you might have a reason to void the transaction and start over/make a change. To do this, follow these steps:

  1. Select “TRANS
  2. Select “BATCH
  3. Select “VOID
  4. Select how you like to search for the transaction:
    1. INVOICE – found on receipt
    2. STAN – found on receipt
    3. AMOUNT – original amount of the purchase
  5. Enter the value based on your selection
  6. Scroll through the transaction by tapping NEXT. Select the transaction you would like to void by pushing ENTER on your terminal.
  7. Enter the void password and press ENTER.
  8. Press ENTER to confirm the void.
  9. Screen will display that the transaction has been successful.
  10. Prompt to print customer receipt. Your terminal will return to the idle screen after a selection.

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