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In Conversation with Keira Rumble

This week, for International Women’s Day and NSW Small Business Month, we sat down with Keira Rumble, CEO and Founder of Krumbled Foods & Habitual Beauty to talk about her career journey, what it’s like being a ‘woman in business’ and tips she had for small business owners when growing a brand and even pivoting online during Covid. We’ve broken it down below!

Keira, tell us about your career journey and how and why it is you established Krumbled Foods?

Being a ‘women in business’, what does International Women’s Day mean to you?

Starting a small business, growing your brand, what were some of the challenges you faced on your journey?

What is your process with outsourcing and finding people to help with things in business?

Your experience through Covid, how did that change the trajectory for your path? What did your business have to do in that situation?

Can you share with us some of your top tips in establishing and then running the brand and whether there’s any specific tools or strategies that you use specifically to grow your following online.

Keira, you mentioned before that 50/50 online vs instore shifted to 60/40. Do you feel that was purely based on driving your community online through those channels? And is it too late for a business to pivot online?

What would your top tip for starting and then operating a business that they could apply to their own right now?

What keeps you up at 3:00am with regards to being in business? 

When is the right time to expand and do you have any advice on expanding a business?

How do you just de-stress from it all?

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