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How To Hire Staff For Your Small Business: 6 Tips For Success

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As your business grows, you might find it’s time to invest in hiring new employees or engaging more contractors and casuals. 

A business is only ever as good as the people behind it so it’s important to bring on new staff members who ‘fit’ with your company culture and needs. It’s also important to identify whether a full-time or part-time employee, a contractor for a specific project or time period or a casual staff member for a few hours per week is the way to go.

Before you create that job ad, check out our tips on things to consider when hiring new team members and how to keep them engaged once they come on board.

1. Establish Your Company’s Culture And ‘Fit’

In order to find the right people who ‘fit’ in your business, you need to understand what’s important to your company culture and establish your core values. 

Employees who get along with the people they work with are generally more productive and better collaborators, so hiring people who reflect your business beliefs will help ensure success. To create a positive work environment, it’s crucial that you reinforce those values and behaviours from the top down. Have this in mind before you start looking for new staff.

2. Decide On The Employment Type

Not all new hires are going to be full-time employees. In fact, casual employees and contractors are essential to many small businesses. But before you sign those contracts, take time to understand your obligations when it comes to leave, superannuation, tax and other entitlements. Many employers get caught out by getting the employment classification wrong and it’s important to know that casual employees might be entitled to convert to permanent employment after a certain time.

Want to find out more about your obligations to your casual employees and contractors? Check out our webinar with My-Linh Dang, Managing Director at Metis Law.

3. Fill The Weakness Gaps

When looking at hiring a new employee, it helps to identify the gaps in your business and the skills someone needs to help fill them. 

This may mean a shift in responsibilities for existing staff or a refocus to encourage collaboration between employees in order to create a thriving workplace. It’s also important to evaluate any technology or other assets you may need to invest in that will help fill any gaps. 

4. Get It Right From The Start

When hiring a new employee, ensure they start off on the right foot with an onboarding process that helps them get to know your business. Allocating responsibilities from day one will give them an early sense of commitment. A recent survey of US professionals found more than half of the respondents (56 per cent) are turned off from accepting a new job if they’re given vague or unreasonable responsibilities.  

This is the time to also obtain key information from your new employees like their tax, bank account and superannuation details. Having paperwork in order helps make the new starter process seamless.

Get this right and you’ll start the employee off on the right foot, empowering them to perform at their peak and deliver amazing service to your customers.

5. Retain The People You Need To Succeed

The secret to retaining good staff is to recognise your business can’t function without its people. Employees want to be seen as individuals with lives that extend beyond the workplace, so it’s important to listen to your employees and ask them what they want from both work and life. 

Business owners who find ways to fill their employees’ ‘work cup’ will not only attract and retain people more easily but also help turn their staff into brand advocates.

6. Keep Your Employees Motivated

A pay rise might seem the obvious way to keep employees engaged, but it’s not the only way to motivate. And let’s face it, your business might not be in a position to offer your employees an increase in pay right now. Some incentives to keep employees engaged and motivated include:

  • encouraging your team members’ growth and development through training and courses
  • gift vouchers and rewards
  • positive feedback and saying thank you
  • avoiding micro-management to build trust
  • offering more flexible work arrangements 
  • asking for feedback and managing expectations
  • clear communication of key messages and enforcing the ‘why’ behind your business to make them feel part of the team
  • giving staff a platform to share ideas and help solve any problems.

Hiring a new employee can be time consuming, but a good employee that ‘fits’ in with your culture will assist in your business success. Take the time to get it right, ensure they start off on the right foot to make them feel part of the team and continue to motivate and engage your employees.

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