5 Tips To Leverage Easter Weekend

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Hop To It With These 5 Easter Promotion Ideas

With Easter fast approaching, now’s the time to think about how you can give your sales a sweet boost over the long weekend. We share five Easter promotion ideas to help you make the most of the weekend and attract your ideal customers into your store.

1. Organise A Digital ‘Easter Egg’ Hunt

If there’s one surefire way to get your customers egg-cited, it’s a gamified special offer, using one of your greatest assets, your website. Theming the promotion to run during Easter helps to create a sense of urgency and introduce your in-store customers to your digital platform.

The ‘Easter eggs’ can be anything from a free gift with purchase to free shipping or an exclusive discount. Hide the virtual eggs around your website for customers to find as they browse through your products. They get a prize for their efforts and, as a bonus, you get a boost to your website traffic. Happy Easter to you!
Handy tip: Hide the ‘Easter eggs’ in places that are easy to find, to avoid frustration and disengagement.

2. Run An Easter-themed Giveaway

Holidays are an ideal time to convert impulse buyers into repeat customers. Sometimes all they need is a little push via a competition, prize or promotion.

Some Easter promotion ideas for giveaways include:

  • Colouring-in competition
    It’s cheap and it’s effective. What’s not to love? This is a great option if your customers are typically parents of young children. If you plan to use the parent’s contact information to market to them after the competition, be sure to be clear about this in the terms and conditions. 
  • Social media follow
    Could your social accounts do with a boost? Incentivise your customers to follow you by running an Easter long weekend social follow bonanza. One follow equals one entry into your giveaway.
  • Newsletter sign-up
    Trying to grow your newsletter database or loyalty program? Run this in the same way as a social media follow giveaway. Capture their details for your database and offer them a giveaway entry or other reward in return. 
  • Purchase and win
    Drive sales over the Easter long weekend with a purchase-and-win offer. The prize could be an Easter-themed chocolate hamper, free products or even a cash prize, depending on your budget.

3. Get Social With The Easter Bunny

If you’re running an Easter promotion, shout it from the rooftops on your social media. Even better, leverage your social following to drive engagement and increase your brand awareness and reach. Encourage your customers to get creative and share their own Easter hunt or celebration stories and tag your account. Every time they share, you get in front of new customers. And the user-generated content is gold for you to repurpose.
Handy tip: Use your social media channels to share your long weekend opening hours or other Easter promotions you’re running. That means making sure your Google Business Profile holiday hours are updated for Easter, too.

4. Get Creative With A Themed Promotion

Stand out from the crowd with a creative Easter promotion idea. Lean into the Easter puns and make the Easter Bunny proud. 

Why not have a ‘Hoppy Hour’ where you offer two-for-one deals or a gift with purchase? Or give away ‘Egg-stra’ loyalty rewards, such as double points or exclusive discounts, for the long weekend? 

Think about which type of Easter-themed promotion will get your customers hopping over to shop with you!

5. Decorate For The Occasion

Transforming your store with Easter-themed decorations or installations doesn’t have to break the bank. A small amount of decorating can go a long way. Keep your decorations close to the front of the store to entice people in.

If you run a café or restaurant you might consider themed food or drinks, like Easter egg chocolate milkshakes or an Easter egg with every coffee order. A simple bowl of Easter eggs at the counter near your EFTPOS machine may be all you need. 

Themed campaigns help to build brand awareness by tying your products to the occasion, giving your sales, brand and profits a boost. Our Easter promotion ideas will set you on the path to success for an Easter sales egg-stravaganza.

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