Stunning! Beauty Salon Saves $7K Per Year in Card Fees

Sophie's Beauty Room
Sophie’s Beauty Room can do amazing things with eyebrows – but what raised their own until recently was their monthly bank statement.
Card transaction fees were costing the business about $600 every month, and it was becoming a cost they could no longer overlook, says Business Manager, Michael.

“When you are a small business trying to grow, keeping costs down is critical. The fees we were paying did not make a lot of sense, so we started to shop around.”

“That’s when we came across Smartpay Zero Cost™ EFTPOS.”

Success brings new challenges

Sophie's Beauty Room is a thriving boutique business with a loyal customer base who sing their praises (they have over 135 Google five-star reviews).

But it was that very success that had caused them their card fee problem, says Michael.

“We signed up to the banks in 2011 when we were just a small at-home business; however, as we started to grow, so did our EFTPOS fees."

“Not only was it costly, but it also became hard to manage, with different fee thresholds and penalties. Reconciling accounts was becoming more and more time-consuming.”

A simple change makes a big difference

“We did our research online, and Smartpay Zero Cost™ EFTPOS looked interesting, so we got in contact. From there, things just happened. A Smartpay rep called us to understand our business needs better and explain how Smartpay Zero Cost™ EFTPOS could help. We completed an application, the terminal arrived, and we were away."
"The setup process was so easy. Real plug in and play."
Sophie's Beauty Room
Front of Sophie Beauty Room Store

A smooth transition to surcharging

Being a small business and reliant on repeat business, Michael says they were concerned about how their clients would react to the business introducing a surcharge. However, they quickly discovered they didn’t need to worry.

“We placed a sign up at our register and found our customers were OK with a small surcharge. Our customers know we are a small business and provide an excellent service.”

“It’s working very well. The terminal automatically calculates the surcharge, so all we have to do is type in the purchase amount. We get the full value of the transaction, and we now know exactly what is going into our bank account. That saves a lot of time."

”We now know exactly what’s going into our bank account.”

Giving back to those loyal customers

Today, Sophie's Beauty Room is using it's newfound savings to do what its always done best: look after its loyal customers.

“We’re using the savings to pay for our new loyalty programme, so our customers still benefit,” says Michael.

“This is a significant change to help us grow the business and reward our loyal customers.”

“We would definitely recommend Smartpay Zero Cost™ EFTPOS to other businesses. We’ve already told several friends who own businesses to make the switch.”

How Sophie's Beauty Room is benefiting with Smartpay

Savings Per Year
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