Sports Retailer Wins With Simple Flat Rate

Southern Sports
Like a simple game plan in sports, a Simple Flat Rate can be a winning strategy for card payments.
That’s been the case for Southern Sports, Adelaide’s ‘go-to’ store for all things Badminton, according to the owner, Chris.

“What a breath of fresh air it has been moving from multiple fees to one simple fee across all credit cards. It has made a huge difference to how we operate.”

Switch to Simple Flat Rate ends two decades of frustration.

“I have been with the banks for over 22 years and always found their fees confusing, with so many different fee categories.”

“I used to pay different fees across different cards with the banks.”

“It was very hard to get a grasp on fees per transaction, as they varied so much.”

These confusing rates had knock-on effects for other areas of the business, especially pricing.

“It made pricing tough because we did not know what merchant fees we would be paying. And then I would spend hours reconciling all these different payments on top of that.”

“Being a small business owner, time is important."

How Simple Flat Rate makes life easy

With Simple Flat Rate from Smartpay, you pay one flat fee for all credit card transactions – so there are no surprises when you open your bank statement.

The rate is tailored to your industry to ensure it’s competitive, and it stays the same no matter how many sales you make – unlike with many bank bundles, where the rate goes up if you go over your allocated number of transactions.

“We can price with confidence as I always know what fees I am paying. Reconciliation is also so much easier and less time-consuming.”
"Smartpay’s Simple Flat Rate has made our life a lot easier."
Southern Sports
Badminton Equipment Display

A simple setup to match

“Before switching, I looked at various options and really liked Smartpay for their Simple Flat Rate product.”

“The team at Smartpay were so easy to deal with, and the setup process was simple. We received the terminal quickly, plugged it in, and we were up and operating – just plug in and play.”

Chris says he also wanted to upgrade his terminal to be mobile and accept contactless payments and was impressed to find one included with his plan.

“I definitely recommend Smartpay’s Simple Flat Rate. We have already talked to our association and other businesses about getting in touch with Smartpay."

“I love the way we can pick up the terminal and move around with it and its tap-and-go function.”

Hand holding phone tapping Android terminal surrounded by cafe items

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