Skincare Specialist Saves $12K Switching To EFTPOS Specialist

Versa Skin and Injectables
The team at Versa Skin and Injectables know everything there is to know about skin treatments.
But their advice to small business owners with worry lines is a little different.

“Definitely talk to Smartpay about Smartpay Zero Cost™ EFTPOS. It makes a big difference,” says Steph, the owner and a registered cosmetic nurse.

"Switching to Smartpay Zero Cost™ EFTPOS has helped us save significant costs by removing our EFTPOS fees.”

Eliminating card fees and frown lines

Like most small businesses, keeping on top of expenses was critical during Covid, and card fees had become a concern.

"Everyone was paying by card during Covid, and that trend has continued. Our fees simply kept going up, and it was difficult to absorb these,” says Steph.

“We had heard of Smartpay and Smartpay Zero Cost™ EFTPOS, so I made some enquiries.”

Getting to know your customer

“In my business, getting to know your customers and their needs is critical. So I appreciated it when the Payment Specialist at Smartpay took the time to understand my business first before explaining how Smartpay Zero Cost™ EFTPOS was a great fit for us.”

With Smartpay Zero Cost™ EFTPOS, there are no card fees. Instead of merchants paying fees, the payment solution automatically works out a fair surcharge and adds this to the customers’ bill.
"I get the full value of each transaction, and when I get my statement at the end of the month, there are no fees I have to account for."
Versa Skin and Injectables
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Building trust with transparency

“Before switching, I was a little concerned about the surcharge and the impact that may have on my customers,” Steph says.

“I feel transparency is important, so we advised our customers that we were applying a surcharge.”

“Customers can also insert their card and pay by debit to reduce their costs for those higher transactions. It’s great Smartpay provides options for our customers.”

Cutting costs creates breathing space

“The Smartpay Zero Cost™ EFTPOS solution is working well. Their customer service is excellent, and we’re saving on our EFTPOS fees.”

"I get the full value of each transaction, and when I get my statement at the end of the month, there are no fees I have to account for. The savings have improved our cash flow and provide a little breathing space. Smartpay Zero Cost™ EFTPOS is a great solution for small service businesses, and you get excellent customer service.”
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How Versa Skin and Injectables is benefiting with Smartpay

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