How Croc Stock and Barra Saved a ‘Good Chunk of Change’ With Smartpay Zero Cost™ EFTPOS

Croc Stock and Barra
Croc Stock and Barra is a locally owned business from Darwin, NT that specialises in handcrafted, Australian-made Crocodile, Buffalo and Barramundi leather products.
Owner Aaron Rodwell realised his business had grown significantly since he first started accepting card payments. When he decided to shop around to save on fees he was thrilled to find he could eliminate EFTPOS fees altogether.
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"When I researched other options I got in touch with Smartpay – I loved the way it would save me a good chunk of money"
Aaron R
Croc Stock and Barra

What was the challenge you were facing?

I first started my merchant facility years ago with my business bank. Obviously, there is a whole bunch of fees associated with having an EFTPOS terminal. With hundreds of thousands going through my machine, I was absorbing all those costs. But my business has grown exponentially with more money going through and many more fees. When I researched other options, I got in touch with Smartpay – I loved how it would save me a good chunk of money.

How's it all working for you?

It’s working flawlessly. Really straight forward. It was a smart thing for me to do to switch across.

"Thankfully nearly all our customers are in the same boat. They understand the challenges we face as a small business and appreciate we're trying to reduce costs and keep prices down where we can."

What does this mean for your business?

Times are tough in retail in Australia. Bills and invoices swallow up whatever you’re making so wherever I can save money is great. I love how Smartpay waive the monthly rental if i do over $10,000 in credit card transactions – which I will do each month bar a few quieter months each year. I’m getting a free service essentially and it’s saving me a good chunk of change.
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Want to Save Like Croc Stock and Barra?

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