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Going Zero Cost™ on EFTPOS saves cafe up to $24K annually

When friends Bernadette and Mel started The Pearfect Pantry over a decade ago they were ahead of the curve. 

With a menu that catered for everyone with an abundance of Vegetarian and Vegan options, they quickly became a hit with locals. 

However, when Covid hit the pair realised that, just like going Gluten free for health reasons, they needed to go EFTPOS fee-free for their financial health. 

“In the first 12 months after Covid first appeared, we noticed more and more customers were paying with their cards and our EFTPOS fees were starting to add up.” Bernadette says.

“We were paying about $1500 - $2000 per month in EFTPOS fees.”

“With all other expenses going up, it was very difficult to absorb this.”

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A healthy change better for business

“We noticed a lot of other businesses were surcharging and thought we should look into it. We contacted Smartpay to learn more about their Zero Cost EFTPOS solution.“ Bernadette explains.

“They explained how their solution worked and were prompt in organising everything.” 

While traditional EFTPOS set-ups charge the merchant a transaction fee, Zero Cost™ EFTPOS eliminates this burden by passing on the cost to the customer as a small surcharge, which is automatically calculated and added to the total amount paid.

While the accumulative effect of transactions fees can cost a merchant thousands every year, the one-off surcharge to a customer is minimal (just a few cents in most cases) and is often barely noticed.

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Happy customers, happy staff, happy bottom line

“I think people understand the challenges of small businesses, especially in this environment, and want to support you.”

“They can still pay with cash, so they have a choice, but most prefer the convenience and don’t mind a small charge.” says Bernadette.

It’s not just customers who have been supportive. The staff at Pearfect Pantry have also been positive about the switch. Smartpay terminals are designed for busy cafe environments, and are user-friendly and require little staff-training.

“We have ten part time staff, and they like how all the calculations are done automatically. They can simply focus on providing great customer service.”

“We are saving between $1500 to $2000 per month. That’s between $18,000 and $24,000 per annum. That goes a long way to help pay our rent."

“I have recommended Smartpay’s Zero Cost™ EFTPOS to other businesses, as the savings are quite significant.”

Want to know more about surcharging?

If you’re keen to learn more about how surcharging on EFTPOS works, or what you could save, find out more about Zero Cost™ EFTPOS. To talk about how surcharging could work for your business, get in touch with the team at Smartpay.