Butcher Trims Fat on Bank Fees & Saves $40K a Year

Mountain Side Meats
Whether it’s offering a paddock-to-plate experience or keeping card payments honest, Mountain Side Meats in Shoalhaven are big believers in transparency.

So, when owners Nathan and Amanda had to address the cost of their rising EFTPOS fees, they chose to switch to Smartpay Zero Cost™ EFTPOS rather than raise prices.
“It’s just fairer. If you hide the cost in the price, every customer pays for those using reward cards with their high fees,” says Nathan.

Smartpay Zero Cost™ EFTPOS gives customers a choice in how they pay and what fees they incur.

"It is saving us about $40k a year across our three butcheries. We're re-investing that money into better machinery and providing a wider range of premium produce. So it's been great for both us and our customers."

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The way we pay is changing

After spending almost 30 years supplying the finest quality local meats and best service to Shoalhaven, Nathan noticed a change in the way people were paying.

Cash payments are in serious decline, while cards and contactless payments keep going up. Today only 9% of Australians use cash often compared to 68% who rarely use it. Unfortunately, this leaves retailers like Nathan carrying the can with a 1-2% fee for every card transaction.

“With the cost of everything going up, we only had two options: increase prices or find a way to reduce costs.”

"Smartpay Zero Cost™ EFTPOS allowed me to give customers a choice, while keeping my prices competitive."
Mountain Side Meats
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Surcharge keeps standards high and prices honest

With Smartpay Zero Cost™ EFTPOS, retailers don’t pay a card transaction fee. Instead, a small surcharge is automatically calculated and passed on for the customer to pay.

“I think people just like the convenience of tapping and receiving reward points, and the surcharge doesn’t faze them,” Nathan adds.

"99.9% are absolutely OK with it."

According to Nathan, dealing with an independent payment specialist also makes a big difference.

“The team at Smartpay are so professional and knowledgeable. They made switching our EFTPOS from our bank so easy and seamless. Our team can focus on providing the exceptional service we are renowned for."

“The terminals are great and so easy to use. We have 17 staff and there is no training required."

Smart move means a sustainable future

“The savings have been significant and it’s one less burden for growing our businesses, especially in these challenging times,” Nathan says.

“Every business is experiencing significant cost increases, so it’s great when a business like Smartpay comes along and helps remove costs altogether."

“I would 100% recommend them to other small businesses.”

How Mountain Side Meats in Shoalhaven is benefiting with Smartpay

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