Bravo! Theatre Café Saves $18K Per Year

Kirribilli Village Café
To surcharge or not to surcharge? It shouldn't even be a question, says Peter, owner of the Kirribilli Village Café
The café is a popular spot for locals and theatre enthusiasts, serving fine Italian cuisine and excellent coffee. But for Peter, there was something hard to swallow.

“Banks were increasing their fees, which were eating into our very tight margins. I was paying about $1,500 a month in bank fees. My customers wanted to use their cards for the reward points, however, due to costs, I had a minimum charge which they were not happy with.”

The answer? Simple: Smartpay Zero Cost™ EFTPOS.

"I was paying about $1,500 a month in bank fees."

Calling final curtains for card transaction fees

“A Smartpay Rep visited our store and explained Smartpay Zero Cost™ EFTPOS product. I was immediately interested in the cost savings and how the surcharge was automatically calculated. Our staff are very busy, so the speed of the payment process was also important.”

“Switching from my bank was easier than I expected.”

“The process was extremely quick and efficient. The terminal arrived and I was up and running immediately. Smartpay provides excellent customer service. They are very attentive.”

Giving surcharges a dress rehearsal

“I was a little concerned initially, especially with my local and loyal customers, so I started with one terminal. I quickly found my customers were OK with that.”

“There seems to be a growing trend where businesses are trying to reduce their overheads and customers are still happy to use their card for the reward points.”
"The terminal and process are working extremely well, the surcharge is all programmed and my staff do not have to do anything."
Kirribilli Village Café

Smartpay Zero Cost™ EFTPOS

“I’m getting the true value of the transaction and I know exactly what is going into my bank account every day. To be honest, I should have made the switch a lot sooner.”

“I am saving about $18,000 per annum, that’s a significant saving, which goes towards reinvesting in the business and paying other expenses.”

How Kirribilli Village Café is benefiting with Smartpay

Savings Per Year
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