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Video Blog: How to surcharge & keep your customers smiling

Cash was once ‘king’ and two thirds of all transactions were cash but fast forward to now and Covid has sped up the shift to contactless payments. For small business and retailers, this shift towards a cashless society presents a challenge because for every one of those card transactions, there’s a cost to the business, known as the merchant service fee which add up every month. 

But, with the right EFTPOS solution, it’s easy to introduce a surcharge that’s fair to you and your customers, and it can help you save costs and keep your product and service prices down for your customers.

In this video, we’ll be providing you some information about surcharging and how this benefits your business. 


Want to know more about surcharging?

If you’re keen to learn more about how surcharging on EFTPOS works, or what you could save, find out more about SmartCharge. To talk about how surcharging could work for your business get in touch with the team at Smartpay.