How to Connect EFTPOS Machine to Wifi

1. Power On – Press and hold the power button for 3 seconds until the LCD screen backlight comes on. If the terminal is turned on successfully, the logo will appear on the screen and you will hear a beep.

2. Allow the terminal to automatically run through its initialisation cycle. If the terminal had previously been set up to access your WiFi, it will reconnect automatically.

3. If the terminal had not been previously connected to your WiFi or if you had changed your WiFi network since the last time the terminal logged on, the terminal will display:
Enter WiFi

4. Select NO by pressing the F1 key.

5. The terminal will display all the WiFi networks that it finds

6. Scroll down (F1 key) or scroll up (F2 key) to the network you want the terminal to connect to and press (key with the green circle).

7. Enter the WPA/WEP Password for your chosen WiFi Network (eg Password1234)

8. To access upper or lower case letters, press the corresponding number key quickly to get the letter you want. To access the key number, press the number key once. If you want to repeat that number or enter a letter that corresponds with the same number, please pause before attempting to choose the character. (eg. key 3 will give you 3 D E F d e f in that order). As soon as you have entered the correct WiFi password, press (key with the green circle).

9. The terminal will display the following messages:
Searching for network/Connecting to network

10. The terminal will connect to the WiFi and will display the WiFi network name provided there is a strong signal.

11. The terminal will then present the EFTPOS “ready” screen.

12. At this point the terminal is ready for use.

13. You can update Wi-Fi settings at any time.

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