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Need The Best EFTPOS Machine For Your Business? Let Us Lend A Hand

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Just like your sassy coffee mug or ‘open/closed’ door sign, an EFTPOS machine is a business staple. And you need the perfect solution to make payments easy for your customers, your business and your staff.

But trekking through the world of technology, choices and providers to find the best EFTPOS machine can give you a bit of a headache. Well, hold the paracetamol because Smartpay is here.

Before you start shopping around, it pays to do your homework. As pros in the EFTPOS department, we can be mighty helpful. Check out this guide to finding the best EFTPOS machine and solution and the questions to ask that’ll make this business biz a little easier for yourself.

Six things to ask to get the best EFTPOS machine for your business

Australia is awash with EFTPOS providers, so if you feel a little overwhelmed, we don’t blame you.   Trying to understand all the available options can sometimes lead you to just go with your bank’s EFTPOS solution.

But we want you to think about EFTPOS like choosing a utility partner. You want to make sure it’s reliable and stable. Beyond finding the best EFTPOS merchant rates in Australia, there are a lot of other details that matter.

So, what’s the right approach to finding yourself the best EFTPOS machine? Ask yourself these simple questions. 

  1. Am I getting the full story from my EFTPOS provider? 
  2. What am I actually paying for?
  3. How legit is my EFTPOS machine? 
  4. How easy is it all to set up? 
  5. Just how reliable is my new EFTPOS partner? 
  6. What if I feel totally clueless? 

1. Am I Getting The Full Story From My EFTPOS Provider?

EFTPOS is an ongoing utility for your business. It’s a combination of a reliable product, prompt service and accessible support. And simply put, your business can’t function without it.

So, good service is a crucial factor when choosing a provider, and it begins in the early stages. Your provider should make it easy for you to get all the right information, for you to get set up and for experts to answer your questions throughout the process.

Also, consider what this service might look like when you’ve got issues. Does the provider seem like they will offer prompt support? Will they replace faulty equipment? And do they value security and compliance, keeping your payments safe?

2. What Am I Actually Paying For?

Reading the terms and conditions? Not always fun. But totally important when deciding on the best EFTPOS machine and provider. EFTPOS costs should be easy to understand and transparent, with no hidden fees or charges. Your provider should clearly state the costs involved in accepting EFTPOS payments. And lay out (in plain English) the terms of your contract.

At Smartpay, we don’t do lock-in contracts. We want you to have the flexibility to find the best EFTPOS machine for your business at any given time. Plus, we back ourselves that we have the best deal going on the market.  

Want to avoid fees altogether? Check out our Smartpay Zero Cost™ EFTPOS. Or, our Simple Flat Rate option makes business budgets easy. Whatever works best for you is what Smartpay can deliver. This way, you always get access to the best EFTPOS merchant rates in Australia, and the best service.

Check out how our two EFTPOS solutions stack up: 

The Zero Cost EFTPOS solution includes:The Simple Flat Rate solution includes:
✔️Unlimited fee-free transactions✔️ Simple flat merchant fees per transaction
✔️No lock-in contracts✔️No lock-in contracts
✔️Calculate the right surcharge automatically – no admin or guesswork✔️Settlement to your chosen business bank account
✔️Customise when you apply a surcharge, and for what cards 
✔️Settlement to your chosen business bank account

Either way, our transparent charges and next-business-day settlement mean you’ll get a great deal on EFTPOS with fees you can know and understand.

3. How Legit Is My New EFTPOS Machine?

Taking payments is serious business. And the EFTPOS machines handling your business transactions need to be secure and up to date. The dream? It’s all done remotely with no disruption to your business.

Out-of-date hardware? No bueno. Your provider should replace this with a compliant machine as often as necessary. So, when weighing up options, get a sense of whether they’re the provider of your payments terminal or a reseller. It’s also worth weighing this up when you consider buying or renting an EFTPOS machine, as some providers expect you to purchase their hardware outright.

Smartpay maintains our own EFTPOS machines and we lease them to you for a low (or no!) monthly fee. We also keep them updated all the time. Our in-house tech experts work hard to ensure our terminals are secure with regular software updates, while delivering bonuses like product improvements and new features.

4. How Easy Is It All To Set Up?

You shouldn’t need a PhD in payments to operate an EFTPOS machine. So, the best solution is one that you and your staff can use with ease. Not just for taking payments but for other everyday tasks like refunds and changing paper rolls. 
Smartpay EFTPOS terminals come ready to use out of the box with everything you need. Just plug and play, no set-up necessary. Need to call in the big guns? Our in-house experts are always on hand to answer any questions. Or, surf our website for simple solutions at the click of a mouse.

5. Just How Reliable Is My New EFTPOS Partner?

Set and forget EFTPOS is great, we hear you say. But what about an EFTPOS provider that’s reliable enough to actually make it happen? That’s where we come in.

Smartpay has the scalability and bandwidth to provide country-wide support with minimal downtime. We help thousands of Australian and Kiwi businesses simplify and save. And our in-house brains are here to support our customers, with large teams of local experts, 24/7. From technical help to account queries, nothing is too much.

What’s more, we take security seriously. We’re all about making sure our EFTPOS machines are the best in the biz, with the latest security and compliance measures in place.

6. What If I Feel Totally Clueless?

We get it. EFTPOS is something you want to set and forget without worrying about again. But if you need support, the resolution should be accessible, quick and hassle free. Should you face an issue, you don’t want to wait on hold for long periods only to end up speaking to a robot. These delays don’t just impact you, but your customers as well.

At Smartpay, our best-in-class support is one of the key pillars of our business. With 24/7 support, 365 days a year, all our customers and their EFTPOS solutions are taken care of. Our dedicated help desk is brimming with local EFTPOS experts who are ready to help in any situation.
Learn more about our service promise and check out what we offer.

Find Your Perfect Match With Smartpay

Your dream EFTPOS provider should make it easy to access all this information. And they should be able to tell you why their EFTPOS solution is the best fit for your business. No more settling for second best.

At Smartpay, we pride ourselves on offering EFTPOS solutions that are stress free and simple. Our Payment Specialists have helped thousands of Aussie and Kiwi businesses get the best EFTPOS machine for them, so let us do the same for you. Talk to us today about getting started with Smartpay.

Want the lowdown on surcharging?

Smartpay Zero Cost™ EFTPOS is a surcharging solution that works for so many businesses. Get in touch with our Payment Specialists to see what it could do for yours.  

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