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Zero Cost™ EFTPOS

Frequently Asked Questions

Our lightweight terminal can connect via a free 4G modem (provided by Smartpay), Wi-Fi, or broadband. It can support add-on functions like Tap n Go, Tipping, Mail Order/Telephone Order (MOTO) and Surcharge Add-on. Plus, Alipay and WeChat Pay.

Any business with an average turnover of over $10000 per month of credit card transactions can apply for Smartcharge. If your turnover is below this on a particular month however you will be charged terminal rental but you won’t have any transaction fees to pay. To see how this minimum threshold is calculated, read the FAQ “Is terminal rental an extra charge?”.

Many of our merchants have found that their customers are accepting of a minimal surcharge. Surcharges are now common in many industries such as bars, cafes, restaurants, automotive services and professional services.

We provide countertop signage with each terminal to make sure that you are clearly communicating the surcharge amounts to your customers before they pay. The terminal also indicates there is a surcharge in the idle screen of the terminal and it clearly separates the amount on screen when they confirm the amount to pay.

You can choose to pay the surcharge for your customer on a particular transaction by bypassing this on the terminal. If you choose to bypass the surcharge we’ll subtract the surcharge amount from your settlement for that day’s trading so there is still no bill to pay at the end of the month. We will however send you an invoice for any surcharges paid by you.

Alternatively, you can suggest the customer pays by debit (which is a lower cost) or cash (no surcharge).

You can choose when setting up Smartcharge to always pay the debit/eftpos cost yourself instead of passing on to the customer. This way your customers can still pay by card, but only pay a surcharge for using a Visa or Mastercard (debit or credit). For credit card payments you can pay the charge yourself but you choose to do this on an individual transaction level.

EFTPOS, Debit, Visa and Mastercard cards are included.

AMEX can be added to your terminal if you have an AMEX merchant ID however AMEX will still charge you fees for these transactions. Talk to us if you want to add a merchant controlled surcharge to the terminal to apply a surcharge to these transactions as well.

We waive the $90 +GST set up fee on joining and you only need to pay it if you leave before 12 months.

No you don’t need to worry about that anymore! Smartcharge is hassle-free with no admin on your part.

  1. You need to calculate your own acceptable surcharge
    A new standard was set by the RBA to ensure that a business’s surcharge does not exceed the actual cost of accepting the payment. If you choose to apply a surcharge yourself you must be sure it does not exceed the costs of processing payments, or you could face a penalty for excessive surcharges.
    To set an appropriate surcharge you’ll need to work out your cost of acceptance for each payment type.
  2. With a merchant managed surcharge, you still get a bill for transaction fees at the end of the month and you’ll have to be on top of it to ensure the surcharge fees you have collected cover that bill.
  3. It also means that it will come through as part of your sales so there could be additional admin for you to split that out from your sales. However, if you prefer a merchant controlled surcharge we do offer this add-on with our Simple Flat Rate.

There is no penalty for growing your sales – in fact we hope the money you save on fees helps you grow your business.

No. There is no minimum term required for Smartcharge. However if you leave before 12 months you’ll need to pay the set up fee that is initially waived ($90+GST).

Your earnings are settled into your account the next business day. This means we settle Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday transactions the next day, and Friday, Saturday and Sunday transactions on Monday. The funds are available to you depending on your bank’s processing.

With Smartpay you have the freedom to choose any business bank account for your settlement.

There is no terminal rental as long as your terminal processes $10000 of credit card transactions in that month (excludes AMEX and MOTO if enabled and all debit transactions). If you don’t meet this amount in any given month, you’ll simply pay $34.95 (plus GST) for that month per terminal.

You can’t aggregate the value of sales across all your terminals.

Your terminal can accept contactless payments and are still zero cost to you (unless you opt to pay the surcharge for that specific transaction).

Once your application is approved it’ll take 5–7 business days for the terminal to arrive.

Yes. Paper rolls are charged at the lowest cost possible, with an included fixed-rate delivery fee.

As a Smartpay customer you will have access to our 24 hours a day, seven days a week dedicated technical support service. Simply call our experienced team and they will help you. If you experience a problem with your terminal that can’t be resolved by our technical support team over the phone, we will courier you a replacement terminal at no additional cost.

No. Your Smartpay terminal will be upgraded automatically free of charge during the life of your lease.

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