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Star Hotel Yackandandah strikes gold with EFTPOS switch

The Star Hotel in Yackandandah has seen many fortunes made since it opened its doors in 1863 during the Goldrush.

Today, the Hotel owners Matt and Kim Frauenfelder are saving a small fortune – $25,000 per annum – simply by switching to Zero Cost™ EFTPOS.

“Our savings are so significant and we’re using them to invest in pub renovations.” Matt says.

Keeping up with changing times

During its 150-year history, the Star Hotel Yackandandah has seen its fair share of change. Recently that change has been in the way people are choosing to pay.

“A number of years ago only 30% of our customers would pay with their cards, now it’s 85% and that has had a significant impact on our costs.”

“We simply could not afford to absorb these fees anymore, so we shopped around and found Smartpay’s Zero Cost™ Eftpos solution to be the best.”

“Payments should be simple and Smartpay does this with ease.”

With traditional EFTPOS, every transaction attracts a card fee of about 1-2%. For the merchant, that can feel like the bank is enjoying a long sip on every beer you pour, which you then must top up.

Over a hot day, that’s a lot of cold beer you end out giving away to the bank.

With Smartpay’s Zero Cost™ EFTPOS, there are no fees. Instead, the cost of the transaction is being passed on to the customer as a surcharge, which is automatically calculated.

Smartpay a standout performer for payments

“I have been with several different providers over the past six years including two banks and a few non-bank providers. Between them I have experienced a number of issues, from connectivity to delays in funds settling to terminals just not working. “ Matt explained.

“The relationship is much better with Smartpay.’

“Smartpay is very easy to deal with and that started with our first phone call. They do what they say and make switching very simple. They really are payment specialists.”

Payments that go down well with everyone.

“We have four terminals, and they are working extremely well.”

“Our payment solution is integrated with our POS so everything is humming.”

“We have 39 employees, many part time, so having everything streamlined is important. The small surcharge is calculated automatically, so there is no guesswork.” Matt says. 

He continues to say, “We are very happy and so are our customers. Surcharging has helped to keep our prices extremely competitive. Everyone wins.” 

Want to know more about surcharging?

If you’re keen to learn more about how surcharging on EFTPOS works, or what you could save, find out more about Zero Cost™ EFTPOS. To talk about how surcharging could work for your business, get in touch with the team at Smartpay.