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Don’t need an industry specific Point of Sale (POS) system? For a free POS system, look no further than Till2Go.

Till2Go is a simple cash register app for businesses on the go

Ipad and iphone screen

Easy to use

Compact countertop solution or unplugged and on the move, one device does it all.

Free and quick to set up

The app is easy to use – anyone who’s used a Smartphone will be able to use it.

Track your sales

Sales history provides database of sales receipts for reprint or you can e-mail them. You can choose the dates and export the report.

Email sales invoices and receipts

With Till2Go you can e-mail POS and integrated EFTPOS receipts directly to your customers.

Customise your Till2Go

Add your business details and arrange your products into different departmen

Integrated with your EFTPOS terminal

When you integrate your EFTPOS terminal with Till2Go, the purchase amount is sent directly to your terminal this means no lost revenue due to human keying errors.

Ready to get started?

Download Till2Go from Apple and Android Play store.
For integrated card payments, you can link your compatible Smartpay EFTPOS terminal through the app.


Why do you need a POS system?

Valuable Reporting
With a POS system in place, accurate information on product sales is only a click away.

Accurate Sales Tracking
Keep all the sales on record so you know how much you’re selling.

Save Time
Speed up the checkout process and inventory management.

Handle Discounts and Promotions
All you need to do is enter the SKU and the discount, everything else is taken care of.

D210E eftpos machine

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