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Till2Go FAQs

Till2Go Frequently Asked Questions

Till2Go 2.0 is a new App which means you will need to download Till2Go 2.0, even if you already have the old version. Click to download from the App Store or Google Play.

No. You can keep both on your device at the same time. However, we recommend deleting the old Till2Go app as we will no longer support it in the future.
NO. If you already have a Till2Go POS account – you can reuse this. You will be able to log in to both Apps at the same time if you want to. They will have unique Register IDs.
NO. An existing account log in to Till2Go 2.0, will sync existing products and set up to the app.
YES. An existing account log in to Till2Go 2.0, will give you access to what’s already in the database for that business.
Correct, we won’t support Smartlink Lite in the first release, and we’ll decide if we still need to.

You will need a compatible SmartConnect enabled Smartpay EFTPOS terminal and a compatible Merchant Number to process card transactions. Contact Smartpay on 1800 433 876

At the end of each transaction, you will be offered the option to email a receipt that includes the EFTPOS and POS receipt details. Till2Go doesn’t connect to a physical printer directly, but you can download the receipt in the email and use your own printer to print it out later.
Till2Go can operate in offline mode without internet connection so you will still be able to enter cash transactions on your device. These offline transactions will need to synchronise with the cloud database once your internet connection is restored. When there is no internet connectivity Till2Go can not communicate with your EFTPOS terminal or other networked accessories, and will not be able to email receipts.
Yes. You can apply a discount to product line items using the pre-configured Discount buttons or by changing the price of the item.
Yes. You can process a refund on old Till2Go by changing the product quantity to negative.

You can process a refund in Till2Go 2.0 by tapping the item in the cart and selecting Refund.

Card refunds can be processed through the EFTPOS terminal if your merchant refund card has been authorised by your bank.

Till2Go offers basic reports for transactions within the past 6 months. Transaction reports can be filtered by date range, and can be viewed on screen or emailed as a CSV file. The Sales History option shows the sales and transaction receipts for all past sales. These receipts can be reprinted or emailed.
Your payment request may not be getting through to the terminal for a range of reasons. Most are simple to fix. Please see below troubleshooting for the most basic problems.


Problem:  Till2Go isn’t pairing with my EFTPOS terminal.
Solution: You will need to use a Smartpay SmartConnect enabled EFTPOS terminal to use the Till2Go app with integrated card payments. Contact Smartpay on 1800 433 876 to get integrated.

Problem: My EFTPOS terminal can’t connect to a network.
Solution: You may be having network or Wi-Fi problems. Try a different network or move closer to the router.

Problem: My EFTPOS terminal is not accepting a transaction request.
Solution: Your terminal should be ready to perform a card transaction if it is on the integrated idle/standby screen. Please ensure that you are not in a menu or in standalone mode when sending a request from Till2Go. Also, make sure the terminal has good internet connectivity.

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