Eliminate your monthly Eftpos bill

How much could you save with zero cost Eftpos?

Eliminate your monthly Eftpos bill

How much could you save with zero cost Eftpos?

Example Scenario

Claire runs a boutique beauty salon. Her turnover averages about $25K a month. But around Christmas, Valentine’s Day and Mother’s Day, that can jump to around $35k per month.

Claire finds it hard to budget for her transaction fees and has little control over how her customers pay. Some months her bill is $250, some months it is as high as $350. It just depends on the types of cards her customers choose to pay with that month. It seems unfair that she is paying for their airline points programme.

When comparing her current offer from her bank, Claire realises she could save thousands of dollars a year by switching to Smartpay’s zero cost solution, Smartcharge.

With Smartpay she always knows exactly what she will pay at the end of the month – nothing! They also won’t lock her into a contract or tell her who she can choose for her business bank account.

With Smartpay, Claire also has peace of mind knowing her terminal comes with the latest payments features included (she’s not charged any add-ons) and she can access Smartpay’s 24/7 technical support team if she ever needs help.

Her customers were understanding of the change – especially when she let them know the money she was saving meant she could invest in the latest laser technology that they would benefit from too.

How much could you save? Contact us today to start saving by doing EFTPOS your way with Smartpay.

Monthly EFTPOS fees for Claire’s Beauty Boutique
based on $25k monthly turnover

Smartpay’s Smartcharge zero cost Eftpos Bank

Monthly card transaction fees

  • Scheme fees
  • Interchange fees
  • Acquirer fees
$0 $250-$300 per month
Terminal rental $0 $29.95 per month
Add on features like Contactless Payment, Cash Out, Tipping and MOTO $0 Varies
Paper rolls Free! Just pay Shipping & Handling Varies

*Example Only based on a typical customer scenario. Actual fees will be variable for each individual merchant subject to a number of assessment criteria.

“I’m extremely happy and it’s probably one of the best decisions I’ve made this year was to move across to Smartpay. I’m getting a free service essentially and it’s saving me a good chunk of change. It’s been easy as.”

– Aaron Rodwell, Croc Stock and Barra
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