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Mallee Fowl: Latest Winner of Our $5,000 Quarterly Draw

We interviewed Susan, the owner of Mallee Fowl Restaurant in Monash, South Australia who is this quarter’s ‘refer a friend’ winner of the $5,000!! See what Susan had to say about Smartpay and the win below! The Mallee Fowl Restaurant is set on eleven acres of picturesque bushland and lies in the heart of the Riverland in South Australia, nestled within the beautiful Mallee countryside and located just five kilometres from the town of Berri. The restaurant has been designed to resemble an early settlement dwelling, with chooks, geese, emus, ducks, lyrebirds and many other Australian animals wandering the huge enclosure.

Congratulations on the win! Tell us a bit about yourself and Mallee Fowl Restaurant in Monash SA.
We have owned and operated the Mallee Fowl Restaurant in the picturesque Riverland and like most restaurants have been affected greatly by COVID. My husband and I along with our family enjoy the customers that attend our establishment and we are forever grateful for the support we receive. 

What made you recommend Smartpay and make the referral?
I have been using Smartpay now for 8 months and absolutely love that we don’t have any fees, how easy it is to navigate and as a business owner I felt that I wanted to tell and allow my friends to be able to use this as well due to ease of use. 

How does it feel being the lucky winner? Any ideas on how you might spend the $5,000?
I am over the moon! I am meeting with family to enjoy a night out and to languish in the funds that I would not have if it wasn’t for Smartpay, thank you so much. You have made my day, my week, my year! It’s not very often that you receive a phone call saying you’ve won money!

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