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EFTPOS for Retail

A size and style that suits your business. Smartpay, the smart solution for retail.

The benefits when you choose Smartpay’s solution for your retail business

Smartpay offers a perfect solution for your retail business. Our Zero Cost™ EFTPOS product enables you to add a small surcharge to the transaction so you don’t get charged the EFTPOS fees. Instead, your merchant fees are passed onto the customer, putting these savings back into your business for marketing, staff wages or even a customer loyalty programme!

We take our fees out daily, and you receive the full amount you transacted, deposited every business day ensuring no bill at the end of the month. Couple this with an easy end of month reconciliation and simple statements saving you time, and this makes Smartpay a stylish business to work with.

Our terminals are portable and easy to use both in-store and offsite (pop up stores or markets), taking payments to your customers anywhere, anytime. Stay connected and deliver excellent customer service with our 4G, Wi-Fi and broadband connectivity options ensuring minimal outages and downtime.

Surcharging not for you? No problem, we have you covered. Know what your bill will be at the end of every month with our Simple Flat Rate solution.

The EFTPOS solution for retailers

Stay connected,

our terminals offer 4G, Wi-fi or broadband options ensuring minimal downtime for your business and ability to take payments anywhere, anytime!

No bill at the end of the month,

means you can put more money back into your business e.g. for buying, marketing, staff wages or a customer loyalty programme.

Easy end of month reconciliation and easy to understand statements,

means less time on paperwork and more time on your retail business.

We’re available 24/7

so we are here to help from when you open until you close.

Features of Smartpay’s EFTPOS Terminal

Integration with POS

Alipay and We Chat Pay, attracting Chinese tourists

Process payments quickly and effectively

Accept any payment type, including wearables and contactless Tap and GO functionality for Visa® PayWave and MasterCard® PayPass, Apple & Android Pay with ongoing innovations and security updates

Always stay connected with 4G, Wi-Fi or broadband options ensuring minimal downtime for your business

Portable terminal, tried and tested for in-store and mobile business environments (pop up stalls or markets)

Accept all payment types including wearables and contactless ‘Tap & GO’ functionality

Settlement to your chosen business bank account – what we bank is yours to keep

Easy to set up and simple to use, just ‘plug in and play’ with no technician required for set up

D210E eftpos machine

Merchant Success Stories

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