Don’t need an industry specific Point of Sale (POS) system? For a free POS system, look no further than Till2Go.

Till2Go is a simple cash register app for business on the go.


Customise Your Till2Go

Organise products and services using quick keys and department keys for fast checkout and sales reports. Till2Go has easy to set up Quick keys, Product keys and Department keys that can be formatted for fast entry of common sale items.


Track Your Sales

Till2Go gives you access to a date range customisable report showing your department sales as well as cash and card payment totals.


Ready to get started?

Download Till2Go from the iTunes store. For integrated card payments, you can link your compatible Smartpay EFTPOS terminal through the app.

About Smartpay’s Till2Go solution

Easy to use
People’s everyday familiarity with smart devices makes the learning more intuitive for staff, reducing training costs and speeding uptake of the iPad solution. Our Till2Go solution is incredibly easy to use, we’d even say intuitive.

Free and quick to set up
Till2Go is the simple free cash register style app for retailers. Providing a quick set up POS solution with minimal capital outlay and including secure integrated EFTPOS capability. Till2Go is perfect for small retailers, cafes, pop up stores, markets and mobile services.

Set up multiple tills
You can download the app as many times as they like, so it doesn’t matter how many devices you want to use.

It’s not a cloud based system, so each device stores that user’s data locally on the app. Users can view sales reports and email as .csv files for easy import into most of the leading accounting software solutions.

Email tax invoices
Till2Go also includes our invoice/billing feature, Bill2Go. Create one off tax invoices listing sale items, descriptions, costs and GST components. Email invoice directly to your clients or take payment and record on the spot with your integrated Smartpay EFTPOS terminal.

Streamline your checkout by integrating your terminal
Integrate your terminal with Till2Go and the purchase amount is sent directly to your terminal. . Increased accuracy means no lost revenue due to human keying errors. it’s quicker for your customers to pay, and you won’t need to manually reconcile transactions at the end of the day.
Find out more about integration.

Benefits of using Smartlink


Free and quick to set up - ideal point of sale solution for Markets, Trade shows, Sporting events, Fundraisers, Food/coffee trucks or Mobile service businesses


Professional appearance - Personalise Till2Go to include your business details and commonly purchased items


Increase speed and accuracy with our integrated solution - simple, fast and secure processing of card payments across broadband and Wi-Fi connections

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