Till2Go Support

Setting Up Your Till2Go

Swipe right to access the administration menu. Add/edit your business details using the Merchant Options tab or by long-press on the Company header text.

Long-press on any of the Free Quick keys to add/edit Item name and Price for commonly used products and assign to a Department.

Long-press on any of the Department Keys to add/edit Department names for capturing your sales and reporting groups. GST default should be set to on position for most users.

Long-press on any of the Department Keys and tap Prod Keys to add/edit/use the department specific Product keys.

If you are using Till2Go with a Smartpay Smartlink Lite EFTPOS terminal

  • Make sure both devices are connected on the same network. If you don’t know your EFTPOS terminals IP address press 1 (NZ) 0 (AUS) to view on screen
  • Swipe right to access the administration menu and tap Terminal IP
  • Enter your EFTPOS terminal IP address and your email address into the labeled fields. If you are using a D200 EFTPOS terminal make sure Email All Receipts is set to on position.

Making a Sale

Once you have configured your Sales Departments and Product Quick Keys you are ready to start selling.

  • Select Quick Product item or enter an amount and select a Sales Department to add to bill
  • Use D key to add discount if required
  • Tap CASH or CARD button to tender sale for full amount
  • Till2Go also allows split bill payments
  • If using CASH tender you can enter the amount received and Till2Go will calculate the balance/change
  • If using CARD tender you will need a compatible Smartpay EFTPOS terminal.
  • When using CARD tender with signature verification required type EFTPOS payment, or you have the Smartlink Lite set to Email All Receipts, an automatic email will populate. Press Send to keep your Merchant copy of the transaction receipt.
  • Transaction result box will pop up and ask if you would like a (customer) receipt
    • Select NO to complete current sale and return to Till2Go for next sale
    • Select YES and enter email address to email receipt to customer
  • If you have a compatible receipt printer connected you will be offered the choice to print or email the receipt

Creating an Invoice

The merchant and banking details in POS (Till2Go) and INVOICE (Bill2Go) mode will be the same.
Quick Keys created in POS mode are also available for use in INVOICE mode.

  • Select Quick key items or long-press on line item details to enter Item Name, Description, Quantity, Unit Cost and GST setting
  • Tap green + icon to add to invoice
  • There are four options available to “complete” the invoice: CASH; CARD; EMAIL; PRINT
  • To take payment straight away and record on Till2Go select the CASH or CARD option. The total amount will either be recorded as a cash payment or sent to your Smartlink Lite EFTPOS terminal for card payment processing.
  • Using EMAIL or PRINT functions will record the Invoice as not-paid in Till2Go. Select EMAIL to send a copy of the invoice to your customer including your bank account details to make payment on (if you have ecommerce facilities you can add a clickable link for them to access directly to make payment). You will only be able to select PRINT if you have a compatible printer connected


If you wish to refund card purchases through your EFTPOS terminal you will need be enabled for card refunds with your Merchant Bank.

To set Till2Go to refund mode, swipe right in the header or footer area to view the Administration menu. On the Settings tab and tap Refund.

Enter the refund details in the same way you would for making a sale. You will notice if you are in refund mode the text in the bill area is red.

Complete the sale using the CASH or CARD buttons. You will be prompted with a popup box to confirm you wish to refund the bill amount. Select “Yes” to continue or “No” to return to the bill. Once you have processed the refund Till2Go will automatically return to sale mode.

To exit refund mode without completing a refund, long-press on the C button. Once you are back in Sale mode the text in the bill area is black.

Troubleshooting and FAQs

These apps are provided free of charge and are downloaded and utilised at the users own risk. Please be aware Smartpay does not offer any Till2Go support services or data backup. We will do our best to assist users that call the Smartpay EFTPOS helpdesk but we do not guarantee to be able to solve or answer all enquiries.

If the app experiences any serious problem such as crashes, freezes or no longer works for unknown reason the user’s data may be lost. For this reason, we recommend downloading the transaction report at the end of each day if you wish to save this data permanently. Smartpay does not accept any liability for any lost data or sales (see T&Cs). To continue using Till2Go you may need to delete and reload a new copy from the app store.

If you have questions regarding technical information, complaints or requests for added functionality, please contact us.

To minimise any potential problems always ensure you are using Till2Go appropriately.

  • Make sure you are connected to a secure Wi-Fi network. We do not recommend you use Till2Go or take payments using EFTPOS terminals over open or public Wi-Fi networks.
  • Do not interrupt Till2Go while a card transaction is being sent or processed. Doing things such as answering a phone call, pressing the Home button or using another app will interrupt the payment communication process, and can cause the transaction to fail.
  • Make sure you are following the terms and conditions of your Merchant Agreement plus all payment network provider and card acceptance requirements for any EFTPOS transactions. When using any EFTPOS terminal it is the merchant’s responsibility to keep a copy of their receipts – including electronic signature receipts.
  • For EFTPOS transactions where the cardholder is required to sign their receipt, whether the signature is captured digitally on the POS screen, or manually on the paper receipt, the merchant must confirm the signature against that displayed on the card BEFORE they accept the transaction on the EFTPOS terminal. If a transaction is accepted on the D200 EFTPOS terminal before the cardholder signs on the POS screen, the merchant will be unable to verify the transaction if required to at a later date.
  • To get the merchant copy of EFTPOS e-receipts the merchant should enter their email address into the Smartlink app. Smartlink will automatically populate e-receipt emails and the merchant just needs to press Send to receive them. If the merchant wishes to keep all e-receipts (signed and non-signed) just enable Email All Receipts function.
  • If you would like to add a POS receipt printer or cash drawer to your Till2Go set up please use recommended accessories for best results.
How do I accept card payments?

You will need a compatible Smartlink Lite enabled Smartpay EFTPOS terminal and a compatible Merchant Number and to process card transactions. Contact Smartpay on 1800 433 876 to get you started or email sales@smartpay.com.au

How do I print a physical receipt?

At the end of each transaction, you will be offered the option to email a receipt that includes the EFTPOS and POS receipt details. To print a physical EFTPOS receipt you will need to use the a Smartpay Smartlink Lite enabled EFTPOS terminal with a thermal receipt printer like the S800 or D210/D210e. To print a physical POS receipt you will need to have a compatible Star POS receipt printer connected to Till2Go.

Email sales@smartpay.com.au or call our sales team on 1800 433 876.

What happens if my Internet connection or Wi-Fi goes down while I'm using Till2Go?


Till2Go is a standalone application so you will still be able to enter and record cash transactions on your iOS device. If you lose internet connectivity Till2Go will not be able to communicate with your EFTPOS terminal or other networked accessories and will not be able to email receipts. Your EFTPOS terminal may still be able to process payments in offline mode if this functionality is enabled by your bank.

Can I give a discount?

Yes. You can apply a discount to the total bill by typing in the amount and pressing the D button to add it to the bill.

Can I process a refund?

Yes. You can process a refund on Till2Go using the Refund option in the general settings/side menu. Card refunds can be processed through the EFTPOS terminal if you have a Merchant Refund Card authorised by your bank.

What reports are available on Till2Go?

Till2Go offers a basic sales report and up to 10 past transaction records. Access the Administration menu by swiping the screen right and tap on Merchant Options tab.

The Transaction Report shows department sales and sales totals. This report can be customised to view date ranges and emailed to save data.

The Transaction History shows the date and details for the last ten transactions.

If for any reason the Till2Go app should be deleted, reports and transaction history will also be deleted. Smartpay is not liable for the loss of any report history or other information stored in this app.

Why doesn’t my Till2Go CARD transaction request appear on my EFTPOS terminal?

Your payment request may not be getting through to the terminal for a range of reasons. Most are simple to check and correct – see below for some common issues…

Problem: No Smartlink

Solution: To enable interfacing the Till2Go app with an EFTPOS terminal, you will need to use a Smartlink enabled Smartpay D-Series EFTPOS terminal, along with the Smartpay Smartlink app. Contact Smartpay on 1800 433 876 to get you started or email info@smartpay.com.au

Problem: Incorrect terminal IP address entered in Till2Go app. If you are using a DHCP address you will need to check the terminal IP matches each time you first set up or if you swap Wi-Fi networks.

Solution: To send information from Till2Go to the EFTPOS terminal you need to enter the terminal’s IP address into the Smartlink app settings.

  1. Press 1(NZ) 0(AUS) on your Smartlink Lite enabled EFTPOS terminal to view its IP address
  2. Swipe right on Till2Go to access Administration menu and tap Terminal IP
  3. Enter the correct IP address from your EFTPOS terminal in IP field and tap OK
  4. Return to the Till2Go main screen and continue the sale

Problem: Network or Wi-Fi problems. Till2Go uses the EFTPOS terminal’s IP to connect with Smartlink Lite. If you have a weak/poor internet signal or intermittent connectivity, or if the device running Till2Go and the EFTPOS terminal are on different networks they will not communicate.

Solution: Make sure that your device running Till2Go and your EFTPOS terminal (and any other networked accessories) is set up on the same internet network. Check the signal strength is adequate on all devices. To check comms on your EFTPOS terminal you should perform a manual Logon.

Problem: The terminal is displaying Administration Menu or configuration screens

Solution: Your EFTPOS terminal will not accept a transaction request if it is in one of the menu or housekeeping functions. Ensure your terminal is connected to the network and displaying the idle/standby screen before sending a transaction request.

Problem: iPad or iPhone has automatically timed out and locked its screen

Solution: Turn off automatic time out function on your device or set it to the longest time out setting possible to minimise this issue.

Problem: Hotspot off iPhone stops working

Solution: Some users have reported issues when connecting their terminal through their iPhone generated personal hotspot. Your Apple device will stop broadcasting Wi-Fi if you put it to sleep or if 90 seconds elapse and no connected devices use Wi-Fi. It can usually be fixed by resetting the personal hotspot on the iPhone and turning everything off and back on to reconnect. We recommend using a mobile hotspot device for a more consistent connection (there are several types of hardware and data providers available – check with your local telco or consumer electronics store).


Problem: I cant send emails from Till2Go

Solution: Till2Go will only work with the native iOS email application. If you are using Gmail or other proprietary applications for your email these cannot be linked.

Why is Transaction Report for “Last Week” and Last Month” not displaying anything?

Txn Report Last Week is currently reporting the last weeks txns i.e. MON-SUN not the last 7 days from today. If you have just started using Till2Go then you may not have data from this period yet.

If you want to see the last 7 days then you need to enter the required to/from dates

Txn Report Last Month is currently reporting the last month txns i.e. if currently in NOV then it will be looking at 1-31 OCT not the last 28-31 days from today. If you have just started using Till2Go then you may not have data from this period yet.

If you want to see the last 30 days then you need to enter the required to/from dates

Wi-Fi Troubleshooting

If you encounter an issue using your iPhone Personal Hotspot with other Wi-Fi devices you can find in here a step by step about how to set up.

Printer Set-Up and Troubleshooting

The Till2Go app can be connected to an Ethernet printer and has been developed for use with the STAR TSP143 thermal printer. Google STAR TSP100 LAN to fine a supplier. To set up your Till2Go with the Ethernet printer you will need a Wi-Fi Router with Ethernet ports.

The printer should be connected to the router via Ethernet cable and the iPhone or iPad will be connected to the same network via Wi-Fi. The printer can also be used to automatically open a cash drawer by connecting the two through an RJ12 cable.

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