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Webinar: Social Media Marketing for Your Small Business

This week, for our second event during NSW Small Business Month, we hosted The Social Media Coach, Emily-Rose Hills who spoke with our audience about social media trends for 2022, her top 5 mistakes small businesses should avoid and her strategic principles when creating a social media strategy. Thank you for joining the session, we’ve added her key takeaways as a refresher below!

5 social media trends in 2022

Trend 1: Short Form Video

Short-form video is the most important trend of 2022 and should be a focus across all platforms. 

When you are creating content, ask yourself can this be video? If the answer is yes, create a video. The piece here is to think about how you can create easy repeatable formats in video that provide and deliver real value. And what’s great is that videos don’t need to be highly produced, the more organic and natural, the better.

Another good tip is that obviously we want to create our own original video but if you see another video that’s existing, don’t be afraid to reshare it. Just make sure you tag the creator in the caption and don’t take the content as your own, but that’s how social media started all those years ago, it was just around sharing content. 

Where you can create short form videos, but if you’re really struggling, have a look at some creators out there and have a think about how you can share that as part of your content strategy.

Trend 2: Personalities & Creators

There has been a big increase in personalities and creators with the TikTok boom and everyone now wants to become a TikTok-er or an influencer. But with this, it opens up an opportunity to be real and authentic on social media and if you’ve got a small business, think about how you can show up in front of the camera and how you can kind of play on that trust piece.

Don’t be afraid to get in-front of the camera for your business and give the brand some personality. People want to see the people behind the business, so whether that is the founder talking about a promotion, behind the scenes of your day to day – the more human we can be and the more authentic we can be, the better, and ultimately the more engagement you will get. 

Think about how you can humanise your brand as this is an important trend to adopt for your social media strategy.

Trend 3: Micro influencer marketing

Back in the day, like 5-6 years ago we were really focused on influencer marketing and big audiences driving big value. Nowadays, what we want to think about as a small business is micro influencer marketing. This can be as simple as gifting your product to 10 friends and asking them to post. 

We find the smaller audiences have higher engagement rate and tend to have more trust within their smaller networks so you don’t want to disregard the value of micro influencers and the value these small audiences can drive your brand.

Trend 4: Audience size means nothing

Large audience sizes mean nothing; in my opinion, the focus should be on engagement & CTR%. If you have an audience size of 200, and they regularly buy from you – that is more valuable than having an audience of 10k where people just engage. Focus on engaging the audience you do have, rather than growing vanity metrics.

Trend 5: Authenticity

We’re starting to see brands that are really authentic, honest and open on social media and are starting to really gain momentum on social media. 

Simple ways that you can be more authentic is by sharing behind-the-scenes content showing yourself as a founder and sharing the highs and lows and building a community that’s supporting you that is authentic and aligned with who you are and who your business is. Sharing authentically where you are in your business journey and what your product can do and the benefits of it will only see your engagement rate rise and your following rise as well.

5 mistakes to avoid on social media

Mistake 1: Focusing on sales over relationship

Social media marketing is a long-term brand strategy, it’s not a bottom of the funnel direct ROI.

What you want to do is you want to focus on building relationships with your customers and your audience and when you start to do that over time sales start to happen. Make sure that the content that you’re delivering to your audience is of value and that you’re investing in your community and building relationships. 

Mistake 2: Posting infrequently

Consistency is everything and committing to posting daily is what you need to do. Look at your social media as a bigger vision and bigger strategy than post by post.  The main reason is that the algorithms like to see consistent content and when people are liking it consistently, they then deliver your content to more people.

Take time to sit down and create a content calendar. Plan out your posts for the month including blog posts you will share, industry trends and sales promotions.

Mistake 3: Inconsistent branding

Branding consistency and repeatability is so important because every time a social post or content is being delivered, that’s a moment where that consumer is going to go “I like that brand, I know that brand” and will recall your brand later.

Branding doesn’t have to be overly complex or overly designed. It’s about getting into Canva and deciding what your brand colours, your logo, your social handle is and just making sure that you’re clear in your head what it looks like for your business.

Mistake 4: Forgetting to measure your ROI

How do you know if the time and energy you are investing in social media is generating a return for you? You won’t unless you commit to tracking your ROI and have set out clear goals. Ask yourself what you’re utilising social media for, set those goals and then work back from there. The key is to make sure that you’ve got enough time to hit your goals and to keep them realistic.

Someone in a blue moon may go viral but the reality is small, consistent wins equates to big audiences. It’s the small little details and actions you take each day that allows you hit those goals.

Mistake 5: Spreading yourself too thin

Building communities on social media takes time, focus and consistency. A lot of small business owners I speak to have got maybe 5 different channels on the go and then have personal social media on top of that. They don’t have enough time to manage them and to create the content to build those authentic relationships. 

A recommendation is start with one channel, start acquiring audiences in one place and start delivering them content that brings them value pushing them through your funnel. Once that’s working, then add another. Gone are the days where we could just post the same content on every single channel. Be really strategic and congregate where your audience will be. Focus on the channel that is going to be the most beneficial to your business and pause the others.

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