Order paper rolls and accessories

If you are a Smartpay customer, ordering paper rolls and accessories online is easy! Fill in the below form and your items will be sent out to you.

How many paper rolls should I order?

We’ve crunched the numbers, please refer to the below Paper Roll Guide to help you decide on the best amount suited to your business.

Paper Roll Guide

If you print on two receipts and in a large font per terminal:

Paper roll How long will it last* Transactions
30 2 months 1500
60 4 months 3000
120 9 months 6000

If you print on one receipt and in a small font per terminal:

Paper roll How long will it last* Transactions
30 6 months 4250
60 12 months 8500
120 24 months 17000

*calculations are based on an average of 700 transactions per month, which is a standard merchant.  

Important note

Please note: all items are only available to existing Smartpay customers.

While paper rolls are provided free of charge to Smartpay customers, the delivery and handling fees will apply. Fees will be direct debited from your nominated bank account the following day the paper rolls have been dispatched.

Cost of delivery for a pack of 30 paper rolls : $18+GST.
Cost of delivery for packs of 60, 90 and 120 paper rolls  : $27.50+GST.

For orders of more than 120 paper rolls, please contact 1800 433 876 or email info@smartpay.com.au

Note: WA customers will receive paper roll shipments within 1-2 weeks.  


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