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Steve Whittard: Latest Winner of Our $5,000 Quarterly Draw

We interviewed Steve Whittard, the owner of a multiple Mister Minit businesses in Queensland who is this quarter’s ‘refer a friend’ winner of the $5,000! Read what Steve had to say about Smartpay and the win below!

Congratulations on the win! Tell us a bit about yourself and your business

I have been with Mister Minit for 35 years. My career started after I left the army and got a job working at Mister Minit. After a few years, I progressed into the corporate side of the business. At one point, I was a Franchise Manager and Property Manager for Mister Minit stores in Australia, New Zealand, Malaysia and Singapore.

In 2015, I bought 4 Mister Minit franchises in Queensland, and currently have 7 stores. Apart from running my businesses, I like to stay involved with the franchise system through mentoring and membership to the franchisee steering group.

How did you join Smartpay?

I was looking for a solution to the Merchant Service Fees (MSF) that we were paying. As a business owner of multiple stores, it was costing me a fortune – I was paying $36,000.00 per year in fees!  I was sent a lot of info on Least Cost Routing (LCR) from my bank, which I tried but did not work for me. I was still paying MSF.

I came across a Smartpay advertisement and out of interest, spoke to a business owner who was using them. That was enough for me to get in contact with Smartpay and spoke to Henry, my payment specialist, who then provided me with all the information and assistance required. I hesitated at first but surcharging is becoming the norm in businesses today, especially with card payments. I myself have been surcharged in our local area and it has not stopped me from returning to any of the local businesses. After deciding to taking the plunge the transition to join Smartpay was seamless.

I am very pleased with the outcome, we do not have any more bills to pay and the service has been exceptional. I have since recommended a lot of businesses to Smartpay. You can probably say that I’ve gone from being an unofficial Ambassador to an official one!

What made you recommend Smartpay and make the referral?

Besides the savings, Smartpay has provided me with a robust solution. When you speak to their staff, you know you are dealing with a company that is professional and takes pride in it. I find that they are also consistent with their service. We even had a phone call from Gillian, Smartpay’s Head of Operations, when there was an issue a while ago and we appreciate that level of care. You are not going to get this level of attention from a bank, thats for sure.

How does it feel being the lucky winner? Any ideas on how you might spend the $5,000?

I feel fantastic! What a great surprise as I was not expecting it. I will be visiting my cousin in Amsterdam sometime this year and will be using the winnings to fund the trip!

Want to know more about surcharging?

If you’re keen to learn more about how surcharging on EFTPOS works, or what you could save, find out more about SmartCharge. To talk about how surcharging could work for your business get in touch with the team at Smartpay.