Internet connection

In order to process payments, your D210e EFTPOS terminal has to be connected to the internet. The D210e will be setup to use either cellular, Wi-Fi or the separate B210 base.

If the D210e is setup for cellular then the connectivity bar icon will display the current signal strength.

If the D210e is setup to use the intelligent base then the Bluetooth icon will light up.

If the D210e is to use Wi-Fi then it will need to be setup to use your wireless modem/router, mobile
phone (Wi-Fi personal hotspot) or a mobile Wi-Fi hotspot device. Wi-Fi signal strength is shown by the WiFi connectivity bars.

To setup Wi-Fi you will need to make sure your internet connection is activated, you have data, and (if using) your
modem/router that it does not have any special configuration settings, network traffic restrictions or filters.

Please be aware that if your network signal is not strong enough you may experience issues
using the D210e. Also, Smartpay does not recommend using public or unsecured Wi-Fi networks
to process payments.