Basic Transactions – Purchase


1. Enter the purchase amount. Press CLEAR key to change or ENTER key to continue.

2. Terminal screen will show the transaction amount and prompt customers to present their card. If the blue indicator flashes then the contactless option is ready and available

3. Customer presents card (for contactless/inserts, for chip/swipes, for magnetic strip). If contactless and amount is under threshold then transaction will process automatically

4. If card was inserted or swiped the customer then selects account using the appropriate function keys (Keys with the blue lines).

5. Terminal screen will show account type and transaction amount and prompt customer to enter their PIN. Press CLEAR key to change or ENTER key to continue.

6. Terminal will process the transaction, display Approved or Declined result and print a merchant receipt.

7. User can select YES or NO to print customer copy of receipt as required.

8. To get back to the EFTPOS ready screen, press CANCEL at any time