How to Perform an Over-the-phone Purchase (MOTO)

Over-the-phone, also known as “Card Not Present” or “MOTO,” is when a customer needs to complete a transaction, but the payment card is not physically present. This is a service that needs to be enabled on your Smartpay terminal. To do so, you will need to complete a MOTO Application Form and send us a Business Bank Statement (within the past 90 days). Make sure to tell your sales representative that this is a service you require. Or, you can call our friendly support team once you’re set up. 

A MOTO purchase can be accessed by clicking the “MOTO” button on the terminal homepage. Then, press “Purchase.” The terminal will prompt you to enter an amount and card details.

MOTO purchases should only be done when the customer has called in an order, and extra care should be taken to prevent fraud. MOTO transactions are processed by our partner for MOTO, Merchant Warrior. These are settled in two business days with the Merchant Service Fee deducted from each transaction. 

Make sure to keep the receipt for MOTO transactions, as it is required for refunds. To issue a MOTO refund, read here.

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