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Social Media: An Instagram 101 Guide for Small Businesses

If you’re a small business, marketing on social media is crucial to your success and platforms like Instagram are an important marketing channel to consider.  As a continuation of our
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Meet the winner of our Refer a Friend and win $5000 KickOff Draw

Like the majority of merchants in NSW and VIC at the time of publishing, Tina's hair salon has been affected by the lockdown. Thank you, Tina, for taking the time to chat with us; from sharing your lockdown experience and opening up plans, to how you got to know us.
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‘Freedom Day’: Preparing to Open Post-Covid Lockdown

It’s been coined ‘Freedom Day’, the day we come out of lockdown and businesses are allowed to open their doors again and return to somewhat ‘normal’ trading. Consumers and small
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Is your EFTPOS ready to take payments when you return to business?

Like many business owners around the country, you probably have a hundred things to think about before you start operating again. With the anticipation of being able to supply goods
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Marketing Your Business: How Google My Business can help you grow

Marketing has always been a challenge for small businesses. With marketing budgets shrinking and an increase in channels to choose from, marketing methods need to be as creative as possible
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Social Media Marketing for Small Businesses

As marketing becomes more and more competitive, small businesses are looking for new ways to increase brand awareness and one way is through social media marketing. We provide some tips small businesses can follow in order to boost their brand and increase revenue through the use of multiple social media channels.
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Beginner’s Guide to Marketing for Small Businesses

If you are a small business owner, marketing can be one of the most important aspects of your business. While marketing your brand may seem daunting at first and small
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Support Local: How businesses can engage local communities and survive in lockdown

In light of the economic impact of recent lockdowns, more and more Australians are engaging with the ‘support local’ movement to help local businesses survive during these hard times. In
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What Are Merchant Service Fees?

In these challenging times businesses are looking for ways to reduce their costs, now and into the future, especially post lockdown. Have you been paying a hefty sum every month
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