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Avoid ‘festive fraud’ this holiday season

With the holiday season being one of the busiest of the year for businesses, it unfortunately can be a time where scammers use this to their advantage. But how can
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How to ‘Win’ During the Black Friday Cyber Monday Sales

The busy holiday season is just around the corner and this year’s Black Friday and Cyber Monday (BFCM) is looking to be a year of opportunity for merchants to recoup
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Navigating the ‘Busy’ Season: How to Prepare Your Business

The festive season is a busy time of year where most businesses see a huge increase in cash flow and customer presence, starting with the Black Friday sales and continuing
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Top Tips to Turn Customers into Brand Advocates

When a customer says something positive about your business, this sparks a level of trust and credibility for potential consumers. But what is a brand advocate?  Brand advocates “are highly
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loyalty program

How to Build a Successful Customer Loyalty Program

A loyalty program is a great way to increase customer retention and attract new customers, as well as an excellent opportunity for small business owners to reward their loyal customers
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small business trends

5 Small Business Trends Here to Stay in 2022

There have been certain small business trends in 2021 that are continuing to build momentum for next year. We’ve compiled a list of five small business trends below – learn
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New to EFTPOS? Here’s what to look for in an EFTPOS Service Provider

Choosing EFTPOS is a big decision for any small business owner and finding the right provider is essential for good cash flow and taking secure, fast payments.  In this article,
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eftpos service provider

Social Media: An Instagram 101 Guide for Small Businesses

If you’re a small business, marketing on social media is crucial to your success and platforms like Instagram are an important marketing channel to consider.  As a continuation of our
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Meet the winner of our ‘Refer a Friend and Win’ $5000 Kick-off Draw

Like the majority of merchants in NSW and VIC at the time of publishing, Tina's hair salon has been affected by the lockdown. Thank you, Tina, for taking the time to chat with us; from sharing your lockdown experience and opening up plans, to how you got to know us.
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