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Contactless payments

No, contactless payments are treated as a credit card transaction.

The customer can try again by inserting the card into the terminal (if it is chip enabled), if that fails, the customer should look to pay by cash.

No. It is the same as any credit or debit card you accept through your terminal.

General Eftpos FAQ's

Yes, you can choose to just print the Merchant Receipt or to display a prompt on screen for your customer to choose if they would like a receipt printed. You can configure this in your receipt print settings.

If you would like to turn off customer receipts, just follow the instructions below:

  1. Press Menu
  2. Press 7 for Miscellaneous
  3. Press 3 for Printer Options
  4. Press 1 for Printer Type
  5. Select Single (merchant) or Dual (merchant and customer) receipts
  6. Press the Cancel key to return to the idle screen

Since 1 September 2017, the Reserve Bank of Australia (RBA) has established changes to card payment regulations banning excessive payment surcharges and providing new power for the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC). This affects the amount that merchants can surcharge for card transactions. Find out more here

View the ACCC guidelines 

How to calculate an acceptable surcharge

It is important for a merchant to regularly inspect the power cables and charging docks. If these are damaged or distressed in any way we will replace them free of charge.

Yes, if you have tipping setup on your terminal. Your customer can enter a tip amount before they present their card for payment.

We will courier the Eftpos terminal to you. You should receive the terminal 5-7 working days after your application has been approved. If you require MOTO please allow extra time for this to be approved.

After you have been approved, it’ll take approximately 5-7 working days for your terminal to arrive via courier.

  • If you need an Eftpos solution urgently please give us a call and we will see how we can help.
  • If you are taking over a terminal from an existing business – as soon as you merchant application is approved you can begin transacting after calling us on 1800 433 876 so we can log you in to begin transacting.

Yes, you can continue to use their terminal, however you will need to apply with us and complete a merchant application form.

Give our customer services team as call during business hours to request for changes on your terminal receipt.

Give us a call on 1800 433 876 and we can discuss with you the right surcharge amount your business. Some surcharge rules do apply, click here to learn more.

You won’t need to get a new terminal as we can update your terminal over-the-air remotely.

Contact us on 1800 433 876 and request for a change to the bank account associated with your Eftpos terminal.

General Settlement FAQ's

Yes, paper rolls are free for all Smartpay customers. you can order online at or by calling 1800 433 876. Shipping and handling fee applies.

Yes we can change the business name and location that shows on the receipt.  There are some rules around what you can have on your receipt, please call 1800 433 876 for assistance.

Yes, the statement is also tax invoice.

You will receive your statement in the first week of the month for the prior month’s transactions.

You can request to have this changed by calling 1800 433 876. Just mention that you want to change your automatic settlement time.

Most terminals are set to automatically settles between 21:31 and 23:30 daily AEST time (18:31 and 20:30 for WA merchants), however you can nominate a settlement time that suits your business by calling 1800 433 876.

Smartpay settles to your nominated bank for processing the next business day*.

Transaction Day Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday, Saturday & Sunday
Settlement Day Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Monday

*public holidays will be deposited the next business day. If you have requested for MOTO transactions, these are processed by our partner Merchant Warrior and will settle in two business days (with MSF deducted from each transaction)

If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact us on 1800 433 876 and speak with one of our merchant services team members.

Contact our merchant services team on 1800 433 876 and request for a change to your nominated settlement time.

Mail Order/Telephone Order (MOTO)

Your MOTO transactions are settled after 1 business day directly from Merchant Warrior to your nominated bank account.

To accept MOTO transactions you will need to get approval and have this enabled on your terminal. Give us a call on 1800 433 876 and ask that you would like to get MOTO. We will take you through the next steps.

If you already have MOTO enabled you can refer to your user guide on step by step instructions on taking a MOTO payment.

To perform MOTO transactions you will need to get approval and have this enabled on your terminal. Give us a call on 1800 433 876 and ask that you would like to get MOTO. We will take you through the next steps.

Contact our customer service team during business hours and request for a MOTO application form. We will take you through the steps from there. Please allow for 2-5 working days after you have returned the application form.

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