Frequently Asked Questions

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Find below the Frequently Asked Questions by our customers.

How do I change the bank account associated to my EFTPOS terminal?

Contact us for a new direct debit request form, fill it out and return it with a supporting document as proof of bank account.
We can forward on your behalf from there to Bendigo bank to update the account details.

How do I arrange to have MOTO (Mail Order/Telephone Order) enabled on my terminal?

Contact us a request for a MOTO application form, and include 6 months of trading bank statements.
We will forward these documents onto Bendigo bank for assessment and MOTO.
Once approved, we will get in touch with you to set up your terminal.

How do I apply an automatic surcharge to my terminal?

Give us a call and we can discuss with you the right surcharge amount for your business.
We will arrange for the terminal remotely update the software on your terminal to add this surcharge.

How do I change the time at which my terminal settles?

Give us a call to request your nominated settlement time.
Once this is approved we can remotely update your terminal.

How do I change trading name/address on my terminal receipt?

Contact us with the updated details and we will then request this change with Bendigo Bank.
Once approved we can remotely update your terminal so that your terminal prints your new details.