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Support Local: How businesses can engage local communities and survive in lockdown

In light of the economic impact of recent lockdowns, more and more Australians are engaging with the ‘support local’ movement to help local businesses survive during these hard times.

In fact, data gathered by MasterCard shows that 73 per cent of consumers actively want to spend money in their local community to help businesses bounce back and 42 per cent are happy to buy items locally even if they cost more, to show this support.

Given the support offered by the buying public, small businesses have the opportunity to leverage this and overcome some of the financial challenges they are facing. Below outlines some general actions that any small business owner can take to engage the local community:

  • Take to social media – Your local community can only help support your business if they know where you are and what you are offering. Social media is a great way to connect with your customer base and push the importance of the goods and services you offer as well as any exclusive deals.

  • Offer more payment options – According to the Mastercard New Payments Index, 74 per cent of consumers would spend at small businesses more often, if additional payment options were offered. Specialists such as Smartpay Australia are available to help businesses implement new payment options to draw in customers.

  • Offer an alternate collection service – Even during the lockdown, goods can be provided in a Covid safe by way using a click and collect service, curb-side pickup service, local contactless deliveries including ‘straight to boot’ or even drive through.

    By demonstrating compliance and that you take your customers’ safety seriously, these alternate collection services are a great way to show your flexibility and willingness to assist your customers’ needs, in turn, drawing them back to your business to increase spending.

  • Launch a specific local advertising campaign – Ad campaigns usually work best when they reach an audience as wide as possible. However, with lockdown drawing in the scope of most businesses, local advertising campaigns are an excellent way to draw the attention of local customers. Apart from relying on passing traffic, other local advertising campaigns such as letterbox drops and localised Facebook advertising can help spread the word about your business.

With businesses looking to save costs and keep their prices at reasonable levels for their customers, many are opting to remove the cost of business EFTPOS, with Smartpay’s Zero Cost EFTPOS solution and still attract their local community to come and shop with them.

Given customers are actively wanting to support their local community, implementing the tips mentioned above, can help increase your business offering and survival during these trying times.

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