EFTPOS Maintenance

Doing a quick clean of your EFTPOS terminal, on a weekly or monthly basis, will increase the longevity of your companies payment system.

Tech Tip #1 Keep your EFTPOS clean

Paper dust in the printer compartment can gather over long-­term use, making its way into the gears, thermal printer and sensor, which can cause printer errors that could be avoided.

Long-term use and accidental spills of liquid on the pinpad can cause grime to build up, clog and block the function of the buttons.

Grab a cloth and some general household cleaner. Spray cleaner on to the cloth (do not spray directly onto the equipment) and wipe down the printer compartment and roller to remove all paper dust.

With the same cloth wipe down the keypad. Finish with a clean cloth to ensure all components are dry before continuing use.

Having clean EFTPOS equipment will help you avoid:

  • Receipt printer issues
  • Pinpad button issues
  • Possible repair bills
  • Possible disruptions to your payment system

Tech Tip # 2 PAX Terminal with no lights

If your Smartpay terminal has no lights on then hold down the power button for at least 2 seconds to switch it on.

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