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An independent solution

Smartpay is a truly independent provider specialising in providing payment solutions to small and medium sized businesses. We’ll lease or sell you an EFTPOS terminal so you can take card payments. We offer personalised service and support. We’ve been operating in Australia and New Zealand for over a decade.

You can keep your business banking with your bank of choice and your funds will be settled to your chosen account every business day. You won’t have to change your business banking set-up to get our great rates. We won’t be after your business banking services.

Don’t be penalised for great sales

Forget confusing fee structures and bundled rates with surprise bills when your sales are more than you expected. Smartpay offers a simple flat rate which means you know exactly what you’re paying (no surprises). You’ll get a rate tailored to your industry so you know you’re getting the best rate.

Bundled rates or interchange plus models may look easy to understand and reasonable on face value. However you might end up paying for more than you ever use, or pay higher rates on sales above your plan. See an example.

Make the smart choice

  Simple flat rate – We know business can be up and down so we don’t expect you to guess how much your customers will spend on cards each month.

  24/7 Phone Support and Fault swap outs – Make sure you choose a provider with a swap out policy and process already in place so you know your business won’t be impacted by hardware faults.

  No stationery costs – With a Smartpay terminal you’ll get free paper rolls. Delivery fee applies. This might seem like a minor cost but it can quickly add – a busy merchant can easily go through $200 worth of paper rolls in a single year.

  Your growth is your gain – We don’t charge you an overage rate for going over your plan. If you have a great month, there’s no surprise fee.

  No minimum term

  Compact and versatile

Let’s take a look at an example

Lucy’s Lounge is a café near the beach. Turnover averages $22K a month but that jumps up a lot in the summer or on those stunning winter days. Comparing a bundled offer from bank, Lucy could save hundreds a year by renting a terminal and getting a simple flat rate tailored for cafes.

Even if Lucy’s bank decides to throw in a discount on her monthly bank fee she’ll still be saving – especially if her business grows like she plans and she won’t have surprise fees for those months were turnover is up.

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