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Improving business efficiency with our EFTPOS Features

Over the past few years we have invested a great deal of time and money in creating features and value add-ons that increase the functionality of the terminals we provide to you. It’s all part of The Smartpay Difference, and the reason we’re growing so quickly as a business.

Many of these features are designed to simply make it easier for you to conduct business. Pick the features that work best for your industry.

Discover why over 25,000 merchants across Australia and New Zealand trust Smartpay.

Increase revenue & spend

Smartpay wants to help Merchants get the most out of their terminal by increasing their revenue and their customer’s average spend. Take our UnionPay App, for instance. Chinese tourists represent the largest inbound tourist market, and the vast majority of them carry a UnionPay debit card which they prefer to use when traveling. By installing a UnionPay terminal, merchants open up their business to this additional revenue stream.

Terminals that work for you

Smartpay understands that the EFTPOS terminal is only one component of a profitable EFTPOS Solution adding value to a merchant’s business. Unlike many of our competitors, we invest in a Research and Development team that continuously looks to improve and develop our payment solutions to ensure our merchants stay ahead of technology developments.

More than just a terminal

Smartpay offers its merchants unique applications for their EFTPOS terminal designed to:

  • add value to their business
  • increase business efficiency
  • provide better data and reporting
  • increase revenue


The perfect solution for small businesses, sole traders and those in the health industry that require multiple merchants to access just the one EFTPOS Terminal.

Tap n Go

Tap and go functionality is one of the fastest growing payment trends across Australia. Busy retailers are finding that their customers prefer it, so they queue for less time.

Pay at Table

With Smartpay’s Pay at Table & Waiter ID App each individual waiter is supplied their own unique identifying number meaning all the wait staff can use one terminal.

China UnionPay

UnionPay is the preferred debit and credit card for Australia’s largest tourist market, China. In China it is the equivalent of Visa and Mastercard here.


The Mail Order / Telephone Order or MOTO Application offers Merchants the opportunity to make a sale even when the customer’s card is not present.


In an effort to ensure wait staff and business owners didn’t lose money in tips, Smartpay developed it’s Tipping App. Every single Smartpay EFTPOS terminal has the Tipping App built in.


Integrated EFTPOS allows merchants to directly connect an EFTPOS terminal to their Point of Sale (POS) system or Electronic Cash Register (ECR).

Apple Pay

Smartpay’s existing technology already accepts NFC / contactless payments and has Apple certification for its MPOS terminals.

Surcharge Add-on

The Smartpay surcharge add-on automatically adds a pre-approved surcharge fee to any credit card transaction processed on your EFTPOS terminal.


The Pre-Authorisation App allows a Merchant to put aside a specific amount of money until the good or service is provided, then the transaction can be finalised.


In a world with greater accessibility to information dominated by passwords, surveillance and various security measures, keeping our payment cards secure is vital.

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