Surcharge Add-on

Is accepting credit cards costing you money? With more and more customers looking to pay with credit cards, are your costs getting out of hand?

Payment solutions made easy

The Smartpay Surcharge add-on means you can minimise these costs to your business by automatically adding an administration surcharge fee to credit card transactions when a customer swipes or inserts their credit card.


Looking for a solution to neutralise all the costs of processing card payments, including the terminal cost? Consider our SmartCharge solution.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does surcharging work?
The Smartpay EFTPOS terminal identifies credit transactions and adds a percentage or flat fee (that you can set) to the transaction automatically. No fuss, no maths required! Just a payments solution made easy.
Can I change the rate?
Yes, you can. The rate is set on our secure EFTPOS terminal management server and we can change this with 24 hours notice. You can change this twice with no charge. Following this it will cost $50 per change.
What happens If I change my mind?
You can opt out of the surcharge add on by letting us know, it may take up to 48 hours to remove

Important things to know

  • The surcharge fee must be disclosed to the cardholder prior to the completion of the transaction and the cardholder must be given an opportunity to cancel the transaction or use another method of payment.
  • The surcharge Fee is included as part of the total amount of the transaction and not collected separately.
  • Our solution prints the surcharge fee in the transaction currency on the receipt.
  • If you apply a surcharge fee, then you may apply such a surcharge fee on a flat rate or percentage basis
    • Surcharges must not exceed the costs of processing payment under RBA rules or you could face penalties from the ACCC. View the surcharge rules to learn more about what is considered an excessive surcharge.

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