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Customer Satisfaction Survey Results

For the last three years, we have conducted regular Customer Satisfaction Surveys. We do this because we have a genuine interest in receiving honest feedback from our customers, which drives constant refinement in our products and customer experience.

A massive thank you to everyone who responded to the survey – we read every submission and implement improvements based on your feedback. Your responses have been very useful in determining how we can better serve and care for you.

Tap and Go on a small number of cards and mobile phones has been an issue. We are working with the banks and our engineers to fix these issues, which we expect to be resolved in the next few months. Meanwhile, if you experience this issue, please insert the card in the terminal to process the transaction.

With Covid, there has been a significant change with consumers not wanting a copy of paper receipts, whilst doing their bit for the environment. We are in the process of adding a function to our terminals to disable receipts and will let you know once this function is available.

Based on your feedback, we are also in the process of adding a beep signal to our terminals when a transaction is declined. Again, we look forward to advising you once this is up and running.

Thanks to those merchants who wanted the ability to order more paper rolls in one order. We have fixed this and you can now order up to 180 paper rolls at a time.

We will continue to work with you to improve the customer experience and we thank you again for your participation in our customer satisfaction survey.

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