‘Sorry, no cash’ is a common cry heard by charity collections in today’s increasingly cashless society. These days when we pop out to the shops we often only have our mobile, keys and EFTPOS card. Walking out of the supermarket past people collecting for a worthwhile cause, groceries in hand, you can’t even rustle around in your wallet for stray coins to contribute. But clever charities are taking advantage of contactless payment technology to make donating as quick and easy as dropping coins in a bucket.

Touch, pause and donate

For the British and Irish Lion’s tour of New Zealand, ASB Bank has worked with partners to build Donation Balls. Rugby supporters are being asked to touch, pause and donate $3 at Lion’s games to support children’s charity Starship Foundation. Hidden inside the rugby shaped balls are a Smartpay terminal connected to our new cloud based integration platform.

Street podiums for rough sleepers

In Bristol, UK, the community can support emergency night shelters by making instant £2 donations at permanent contactless points around their main shopping precinct.

Also in the UK, up to a hundred multi-tasking street benches are being built around London. They provide not only a place to sit, charge your mobile and use the Wi-Fi, but also to donate. The benches are powered by solar energy and have a contactless point for making a £2 donation – initially to Cancer Research UK.

Pat and tap

Animal welfare charities know the power of a cute pet to get the donations flowing. With that in mind, the Blue Cross in the UK have enlisted the helping paws of their ‘Tap Dogs’ to help other dogs. Wearing coats with pockets sewn in to hold a contactless terminal, they collect a £2 donation each time the device is tapped. New Zealand’s SPCA also used dogs to collect contactless donations last year with the help of ASB Bank and Smartpay terminals.

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