Bar Savours $8K Savings with Smartpay Zero Cost™ EFTPOS

Inspired by the Avalanche’s song Since I Left you, the muse behind SILY bar in Sydney’s CBD is also a great place to start owner Nick’s EFTPOS story.
Since breaking up with his old EFTPOS provider and switching to Smartpay Zero Cost™ EFTPOS, he has cut his payment expenses by $650-700 every month.

"We are a small bar, and those savings have really made a difference," Nick says.

“We are saving about $8,000 a year in transaction fees and that makes a difference to our cash flow and bottom line.” Nick explains.

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Sharp increase in transaction fees prompts change

SILY is a small alley street bar that blends heritage with industrial architecture, and modern street style with friendly neighbourhood vibes.

It’s become a favourite with Sydneysiders wanting a freshly shaken cocktail, local wine or delicious craft beer. But while business was sweet, there was a bitter after taste in the tail for Nick: EFTPOS fees.

"Margins are tight when you are running a small bar, so every dollar you can save makes a difference."

He started looking for an alternative and decided to call Smartpay, after experiencing Smartpay Zero Cost™ EFTPOS while out and about.
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"When we first opened, cards only made up about 30% of all purchases. Now it's like 95%. It had become a ridiculous cost."
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Surcharging offers that perfect mix

Like mixing a Virgin cocktail, there are no EFTPOS fees with Smartpay Zero Cost™ EFTPOS. Instead the cost of the transaction is automatically calculated and added as a small surcharge for the bar patron to pay. Customers have the ability to pay by card, go contactless and earn rewards. Meanwhile, the business gets the full value from every transaction.

For Nick, it made perfect sense and after talking to a Smartpay payment specialist he made the call.

“The terminal arrived quickly, and it was a simple plug-in and play. The Smartpay terminals are so easy to use, and the surcharging is automatic, so my staff can focus on providing great customer service. Our customers don’t have any issues either. I think people are just use to it, and it’s just part of the industry now.”

“The setup process was super easy and Smartpay made switching my EFTPOS provider so seamless. I don't think I would operate any other way.”

A refreshing change with zero regrets

"There are so many expenses running a bar, so it's great to save where you can. Smartpay is great to deal with and their EFTPOS solution is awesome."

How SILY Bar is benefiting with Smartpay

Savings Per Year
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Want to Save Like SILY Bar?

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